MDIA’s strategic collaboration with AIBC: Shaping Malta’s tech landscape

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Posted by Lea Hogg

In the heart of Malta’s technological evolution, the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), under the visionary leadership of CEO Kenneth Muscat, has been instrumental in setting standards and policies to position Malta as a global hub for technology innovation.

MDIA’s role extends beyond traditional regulatory functions, with a focus on nurturing innovation and fostering an environment that ensures compliance with international standards while promoting technological growth and user protection.

Synchronicity of MDIA and AIBC: a shared vision

Celebrating its 5th anniversary, MDIA was established in 2018, the same year the AIBC (AI & Blockchain Summit) held its inaugural edition. This synchronicity is more than mere coincidence; it reflects aligned visions and missions. In collaboration with sister entity Tech MT and support from the private sector, notably Sigma, MDIA, through the AIBC Summit, is at the forefront of positioning Malta as a nexus of technological innovation.

Together, standards were set for a compliant technological regime, advocating and facilitating technological advancement in the process.

MDIA’s holistic approach to cybersecurity

As Malta strides boldly into developing artificial intelligence, blockchain and cryptocurrency, MDIA recognizes the challenges inherent in technological transformation. In the digital age, cybersecurity threats loom large, demanding robust and resilient safeguards.

MDIA is committed to fortifying Malta’s digital infrastructure, ensuring it is not only innovative but also secure and reliable. The authority actively engages in educating and empowering businesses and individuals in cybersecurity best practices, creating a culture of security that permeates every level of society.

Shared Vision for security and inclusion

In concluding his keynote address, CEO Kenneth Muscat emphasizes that the ultimate goal is not just technological advancement but the betterment of society. Technology, wielded as a powerful tool, finds its true value in how it improves lives, strengthens communities, and builds a sustainable and equitable future.

Expressing gratitude to Sigma for organizing the AIBC Summit, Muscat acknowledges the incredible platform it provides for showcasing and discussing areas related to AI and blockchain. He extends thanks to the dedicated individuals present, recognizing their creativity and vision as driving forces behind the shared journey towards a future that is not only technologically advanced but also secure, inclusive, and prosperous.

As MDIA and AIBC continue to collaborate and innovate, their efforts promise to secure the transformational success of Malta’s burgeoning tech landscape.


Kenneth Brincat was speaking at the AIBC Summit in Malta this week.  He is CEO of the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) and brings two decades of management and digital transformation expertise to the forefront. As the driving force behind MDIA, he is actively shaping Malta’s digital landscape. Kenneth is dedicated to catalyzing a national agenda that prioritizes responsible and human-centric development of artificial intelligence (AI) while also facilitating the widespread adoption of cybersecurity measures across various industries.

Under Kenneth’s visionary leadership, the Authority has embraced a collaborative approach, fostering cooperation among policymakers, industry experts, and academia. This collective effort aims to synergize their expertise and perspectives, ensuring the optimal and secure integration of emerging technologies. Kenneth’s strategic guidance positions MDIA as a dynamic player in Malta’s digital transformation, committed to navigating the complexities of the evolving technological landscape with a focus on responsibility and safety.


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