MagniLearn, the personalized language learning platform built on AI, has gained a foothold in Japan

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AI-backed personalized language learning platform signs strategic partnership with Japanese private schooling network of more than 12,000 students

Emerging from the research conducted by a team of scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem through a combination of Natural Language Processing, Neuroscience and Education, MagniLearn is at the forefront of modern AI-backed education. With its unique selling point being hyper-personalization, using the latest in artificial intelligence and language learning software to ensure that each individual student’s experience is catered 100 percent according to their needs, MagniLearn only has room to grow.

Its partnership with AIC Education, a network of over 61 private after-schools (Jukus) who represent more than 12,000 students, is a perfect example of this. AIC’s decision to use MagniLearn’s software in 7 schools and 4 locations, these being Kurashiki, Hiroshima, Fukuyama and Okayama, has led to the providing firm to gain a significant foothold in Japan and possibly in Asia’s market as a whole.

On the potential for emerging technologies in the field of language learning, MagniLearn CEO Lana Tockus elaborated that “Efficiency is the key to successfully acquiring a foreign language. With built-in language awareness, our system discerns which vocabulary and grammar rules have not yet been completely understood by the student. It identifies common errors, provides recommendations, alerts teachers and builds the next lesson plan for that student’s needs.”

Tockus explained that MagniLearn is mainly built on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms (AI) that allow students to learn in a one-on-one setting that customized the experience depending on the requirements identified in each individual student. This is as each exercise is generated by an NLP-guided engine in real time. While leading language experts state that fluency in English requires actionable knowledge of at least 8,000 words as well as working experience with hundreds of grammatical patterns, MagniLearn has claimed that its software allows users to learn languages three times faster in comparison to traditional messages.

On the usage of MagniLearn within an academic setting, President of AIC Education Katsumi Kuwabara explained that “MagniLearn arms our schools with a unique, data driven, real-time personalized learning and insights system. These insights, coupled with the curriculum integration to our schools’ textbooks, enable us to further empower our students to realize their full potential, and provide our teachers with the tools to maximize their role in-class. This partnership with MagniLearn brings cutting-edge technology to our schools, allowing students to dramatically improve their English in a much shorter time frame.”

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