[WATCH] “We are the only ones combining a legal solution with a technological solution” – Timo Wolthof

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Timo Woltoff  COO of CADChain talks with SiGMA TV’s Trudy Kerr on everything from software to ball room dancing – watch his interview in our latest series on AIBC Pitch

CADChain develop software that protects industrial design data. Their software acts as a service solution bodyguard that travels with your files, while the bodyguard-plugin protects files from unauthorized access and tracks every interaction with the file. As Timo explains, the advantages for the industry can be huge:

timo wolthof“At the moment when you want to collaborate with a party that is bigger than you, normally you go through 6 months of contracting before you can start. If we can make that faster then you have an advantage in that you don’t have to wait for contract signing and can have a better view of the liabilities and can collaborate easier. If you want to switch to a different supplier that’s going to eliminate the 6 month process.”

CADChain also stands out as the only ones to be combining legal and technological solutions, ‘if we combine blockchain as a stand alone solution it’s only tracking stuff and will give you some benefit of registration. But without a legal backend you have no substantiation for this data.’

Watch the latest in the AIBC Pitch interview series below:


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