Genesys take the crown at the AIBC Eurasia pitch

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“Genesys is based in the US, but our roots are in LatAm and the Caribbean. All of us here are pioneers in the 1% of the industry – and we need to use this platform and this traction to do good things around the world,” says Stephany Nunez, the NFT Lead Manager for Genesys Network.

HealthLink, a ground-breaking healthcare platform, took centre stage at the AIBC Startup Pitch, with Stephany Nunez presenting their winning approach to revolutionize healthcare in Latin America and the Caribbean. The platform’s unique features include connections with nearby and online doctors, video calls, electronic prescriptions, a multi-pharmacy system, flexible payment methods, user profiles, and informative blogs and news.

Launched in 2023, the Seattle based Genesys Network is a blockchain Proof of Authority consensus mechanism – hosting 32 projects across sectors such as health, DeFi and gaming.  It features a network of validators responsible for maintaining the integrity of transactions. Currently there are 33 validator nodes, including community members and two NBA players.

They aim to improve access to essential health services through HealthLink. Studies from WHO show that more than 400 million people – particularly those in rural areas and underdeveloped countries – are unable to access these crucial things like follow up care and prescriptions. 

Around 6% of people are pushed into low-middle income poverty because of excessive spending on healthcare. 

Revolutionizing Healthcare: HealthLink’s Blockchain Solution

The backbone of HealthLink’s development lies in its utilization of advanced programming language tools, including Solidity, Truffle, WebJS, Wallet Extension, IPFS, Oracle Integration with Chainlink, and Security Audits. In contrast to current Web 2.0 competitors, HealthLink distinguishes itself by being the first to introduce these comprehensive healthcare solutions to the LATAM region.

Operating in the seed stage, HealthLink already boasts a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), leveraging the advantages of blockchain in healthcare. The platform ensures data security and integrity, interoperability, transparency, patient empowerment, streamlined processes, and reduced costs.

During the Q&A session, Stephany addressed queries about their strategy for educating doctors, patients, and healthcare insurers in emerging markets like Latin America. HealthLink plans to collaborate with local authorities, public figures, and medical professionals for training and educational initiatives. The platform’s innovative infrastructure aims to overcome challenges by utilizing satellite internet services, such as Starlink, to ensure connectivity, even in remote areas.

In terms of partnerships, HealthLink is set to target the pharmaceutical market, offering online doctor visits, prescription refills, and home delivery. The team hinted at collaboration with delivery services to enhance the user experience.

Acknowledging concerns about investment, HealthLink emphasized its self-funding approach, supported by the revenue generated from its blockchain project, Genesis Network. While specific investment details were not disclosed in the public forum, the team expressed a willingness to share more information privately.

HealthLink’s vision extends beyond digital healthcare, aiming to create a seamless and secure ecosystem that addresses the unique challenges of healthcare in the region. 

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