Philippines ranks among top 3 countries embracing Web3 game PixelPals

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The Philippines has cemented its position as one of the leading countries embracing the Web3 game PixelPals, with the season zero prize pool rapidly approaching the $200,000 (€187,625) mark.  

With more than 76,000 players hailing from the Philippines, the country ranks third overall among 212 nations participating in PixelPals. Surpassed only by the United States and Vietnam, Filipino gamers have demonstrated their dedication and engagement, contributing significantly to the game’s vibrant ecosystem. Other countries among the top 10 users include Indonesia, India, Japan, Brazil, Nigeria, Singapore, and Hong Kong. 

Since its launch, PixelPals has experienced exponential growth, attracting a total of 480,000 unique wallets and boasting over 100,000 daily active players. Notably, 120,000 players have exhibited remarkable consistency by logging in for at least seven consecutive days. 

PixelPals: More than just a game

Described as a hyper casual pet and base management game, PixelPals offers players the opportunity to nurture and care for their PixelPal creatures while customizing their habitats. The efforts invested in improving habitats will lead to MON token rewards following the upcoming Mon Protocol token generation event (TGE). 

Available on both mobile and desktop platforms, PixelPals has captivated players with its accessibility and engaging gameplay. The game’s active development team continues to listen to community feedback, ensuring a roadmap filled with exciting features and improvements. 

A legacy of Web3 gaming in the Philippines

The Philippines has a rich history of embracing Web3 games, with notable contributions to popular titles such as Axie Infinity and Pixels. PixelPals represents the latest addition to this legacy, signalling a promising trajectory for the game’s future. 

As season zero approaches its conclusion, PixelPals developers are gearing up for season one, which will introduce a turn-based card battle system, further expanding the game’s offerings and opportunities for players.