Drum roll please: The AIBC Americas Award Nominees

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In its inaugural debut in the metropolitan hub of Toronto, the AIBC Americas Awards will be held at El Mocambo on the 7th of June. Attracting the movers and shakers of an international community of technologists and visionaries, the night will offer both spectacular networking opportunities as well as a night to remember.

The AIBC Americas Awards will shed a light on the rising stars of the global Deep Tech ecosystem

Vetted by a panel of judges handpicked as experts and industry leaders in their own rights whilst being hosted by the ever welcoming Rick Goddard and Jessica Walker, it’ll be a night you wouldn’t want to miss.

Without further ado, here are our pioneering nominees:

Blockchain solution of the year:

The Blockchain industry has both mutated and developed, having taken a huge leap from a tentative space to a fully-fledged industry. The huge potential to completely reshape the way businesses transact in the global economy has been a game changer.

Exchange of the Year

The tighter our bonds, the stronger the blockchain community becomes. Mass adoption and user-friendliness elements play an important role in the global infrastructure, which is why the Exchange Platform of the Year will reward projects strengthening the community at large.


Blockchain Protocol of the Year

Putting the D in DLT, Blockchain protocols govern different parts of the Blockchain technological ecosystem. By spreading out the network, Blockchain protocols are vial pillar in the health and future of the system as a whole mainly by maintaining what keeps the system decentralized.

Blockchain Game of the Year

There is presently a huge bridge between the blockchain and gaming networks. Individuals who are keen on blockchain are likewise prone to be keen on and effectively take part in gaming. The fame of NFTs in the gaming business embodies this, with numerous extraordinary and significant NFTs being exchanged inside games. This award shed light on the most interesting game of debut this year.

Crypto Payment Provider of the Year

Helping to overcome the traditional payment barriers, such as high fees and transaction speed, crypto payment services are shaking the market by supplying the best in breed solutions and pushing mass adoption to another level together with helping to bank the unbanked. AIBC Europe would love to honor the best crypto payment platform of the year!

Tokenization Project of the Year

Through the development of blockchain technology, tokenization is incredibly effective as a means of internal and online protection. Asset tokenization offers a way to protect sensitive data and to reduce the risk of its loss. This award is earmarked for projects that have managed to effectively and efficiently combine tokenization and cryptography.

DeFi Project of the Year

Through the DeFi services offered by various products and platforms and by using P2P technology for direct connection and verification of the economy participants, decentralized finance has made a buzz in the industry over the past month. The DeFi award will go to the project that contributes the most to simplifying the money sending process.

Emerging Tech Fund of the Year

This award shines a spotlight on VCs and funds that have honed a clear, forward-thinking vision for investing in emerging tech. These are investors who have built a global presence and developed a solid network that can leverage the potential of early movers in a high-growth industry.

NFT Project of the Year

Blockchain technology and NFTs provide artists and content creators with a unique opportunity to monetize the products of their labor and imagination. This award sheds light on the premier NFT Project leading the charge on the maturation of this space.

Crypto Wallet Solution of the Year

From hot to cold we’re looking for wallets that take their users from beginner to pro. From an easy-to-use interface, iron-clad security, and plenty of investment opportunities, to all the little extras – like the ability to easily track assets and real time market prices, swap DeFi tokens, and receive price alerts.

Crypto News Site of the Year

From market analysis to breaking news, these infohubs are your one-stop-shop for anything you might need to know before you make an informed decision about an ever-changing industry. This award goes out to the news site that keeps its readers on the cutting edge of Tomorrow’s economy.

Crypto Casino of the Year

With cryptocurrencies teetering on the edge of mass adoption, crypto casinos have come to the forefront as the next generation of online gambling. Enhancing both the playing experience and the payment options, these Crypto Casinos have the potential to disrupt and already exciting industry.

Blockchain Advisor of the Year

Last but certainly not least, our Blockchain Advisor of the Year award will go to the pioneering figure who has done the most for the maturation of the space as a whole. Going above and beyond, they have made their mark on the industry during possibly one of its most pivotal phases.

AIBC Americas debuts in Toronto:

Following the massive success that was AIBC Asia, the Summit’s first ever physical debut in the Americas is set to take Toronto by storm this June. Uniting the best and brightest in the emerging tech world, AIBC Americas will feature leading policy makers, executives, technologists and visionaries in groundbreaking areas such as AI, Blockchain and Quantum Computing. The Summit will be composed of three days of thought-leading panels, inspiring keynotes and a massive amount of opportunities to network, leaving our delegates several steps closer to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Join us from the 6th till the 9th of June in Toronto!