Daniel Santos, Spanish entrepreneur, nominated for crypto influencer of the year award

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The CEO and founder of Woonkly aspires to become the crypto influencer of the year

Daniel Santos, CEO and founder of woonklylabs.com, has been nominated for the Europe AIBC Awards 2021 as a crypto influencer of the year. While his company recently announced its nomination as Crypto community of the year, DeFi project of the year and, in turn, announced the new projects to be launched in the coming days, it’s great promoter joins the wave of good news. It will compete with Trone Vays, John Karony, Richard Buettner, Mohammed Carrim and The Moon Carl.

Mr Santos has managed to make his dream a reality. Daniel has grown through trial and error, a born entrepreneur, even from a young age, when he set up his stall selling shells and handcrafts in seaports. This strategy led him to fail on several occasions and to learn from experience.

However, he always had an evident mentality: to help the people around him, even if he had to lose at some point. Thanks to this, after leaving his hometown, he managed to turn his first ideas into technology projects and startups with elite entrepreneurs, participating in the project to create the semantic web or web 3.0 in 2008.

Faced with a lack of support, he flew to Cancun to fulfil his dream of living in Mexico. He landed with barely enough to eat, which led him to gather a series of anecdotes that he later took to his YouTube channels ‘Club de Emprendedores’ and ‘Mr. Santos’. His life began to change when the owner of a hotel company trusted in his projection and gave him a job opportunity.

It was there that Daniel Santos met the people who became his team and the current founders of woonklylabs.com. Immersed in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world since around 2011, it was not until five years ago that he managed to develop the idea of Woonkly. This gave birth to the concept of advertisers showing advertising money directly to users, eliminating intermediaries.

This idea evolved over the years to become what it is today. Once settled in this environment, Mr Santos and his team discovered the market’s shortcomings, so they began to create products to help the community. To do this, they discarded the idea of using third-party tools in favor of using their systems. So they went from being a single product to becoming a Venture Builder.

In this way, they have been adapting to the demands of the market and creating those products that have been necessary, such as a DeFi cross-chain platform, in which assets can be traded on different blockchains, and the NFT social network, which will be launched before the end of the year. Now, five years later, woonkly.com aims to empower users, achieve financial freedom, create products that comply with regulations, have stable and secure growth, and try to create the next ‘unicorn’.

Daniel Santos has not only shone as an entrepreneur. He has also done so for his role as a social media influencer, with two YouTube channels that he has grown at lightning speed. He started when he was still living in Cancun with around 5,000 followers and made a splash with Woonkly in 2017 when he won the Silicon Valley ‘Plug and Play’ Accelerator Award in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

He decided to create his YouTube channel, Mr Santos, where he managed to reach 100,000 users in two years. He now has 300,000 subscribers, with unstoppable growth without the need to advertise or promote himself outside the YouTube environment. This project has helped the development of all the companies and, specifically, of woonklylabs.com.

With the news about the Europe AIBC Awards 2021, held on 16 November, Daniel Santos is delighted to share the nomination with other great YouTubers. He also thanks the entire community for their support, thanks the event for the opportunity and encourages users to vote at this link (https://aibc.world/aibc-awards-2021-shortlist/). Whatever the result, Mr. Santos will remain faithful to his methodology of constant learning and grateful to the people who have brought him this far.