Cryptocurrency and prop trading: exploring the new norm for Gen Z

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Giacomo Giglio’s journey into trading and investing provides a unique perspective into Gen Z’s early embrace of this dynamic sector. His experiences highlight the significance of networking and experimentation, offering valuable insights for those interested in understanding the changing landscape of trading and investing.

Generation Z, those born between 1996 and 2012, are embracing trading and investing at an earlier age than any previous generation. Cryptocurrency often serves as an entry point to trading, marking a significant departure from conventional investment norms. Giacomo Giglio, a 20-year-old trader and investor, provides a unique perspective into this trend.

A 20-year-old’s journey into trading and investing

Giglio was introduced to trading by a friend and quickly found the topic fascinating. He was surprised that investments and trading were not part of the general secondary education curriculum. Unlike previous generations, young people today are not waiting until they are older to invest their money. Gen Z, in particular, is taking a proactive approach to investing, with approximately 56 percent of those under 25 already participating in investment activities. Impressively, 80 percent of them began saving and investing before they turned 20.

Giglio dedicates a great deal of time to understanding market dynamics, forecasting price movements, and conducting essential analysis and research. He appreciates the process of improving his financial acumen, as it enables him to effectively manage his finances and capitalize on opportunities that arise.

Gen Z’s investing is attributed to the easy access to financial information through social media and the emergence of investment apps and cryptocurrencies. Social media, especially YouTube, plays a pivotal role in providing financial guidance for Gen Z investors. Not surprisingly, “fear of missing out” is a significant driving force behind this trend.

As a young trader and investor, Giglio has discovered a community of Gen Z traders, both in Malta and internationally. Within these hubs, young traders engage in virtual discussions, share insights, offer advice, and conduct trading activities collectively. Giglio recognizes the value in networking with fellow traders. “Trading is not confined to a single approach,” he says, “and these interactions serve as valuable opportunities for learning and gaining experience from a number of diverse perspectives.”

Giglio recognizes that there is no single, fixed method in trading. Particularly during the initial stages, experimentation plays a crucial role until an individual discovers their own distinct style and approach. He acknowledges that the crypto and digital asset sector has faced many challenges and this included the collapse of FTX. However, Giglio remains optimistic, believing that there will be a strong resurgence which will be followed by a very rapid universal expansion.

Regarding the regulation of the crypto market, Giglio firmly advocates that it is necessary. He acknowledges that regulating such a dynamic space will be challenging, but believes that these challenges should not deter the pursuit of necessary regulation. Proactive regulation, combined with clear guidelines when needed, is essential for progress in the industry.

As for his future career aspirations, Giglio expresses a desire to become a lawyer, following in the footsteps of both his parents. However, he remains open about how he will develop his trading career, either as a sideline or a full-time endeavour. He intends to continue trading in the background while monitoring the sector’s growth, which he believes will continue to expand and become a more popular career option in the years to come.


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