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Ravindu Dabarera

A start-up at heart, like almost all of the industry leading players in the global economy today, the AIBC Summit holds the values of entrepreneurship and market pioneering at the core of all we do. From giving bright-eyed projects a physical space at the expo to present to shedding a light on the rising stars of the industry through our stellar Awards Night, the Summit sees itself as a major platform for progress and business development. Possibly the most significant manifestation of this drive is the AIBC Pitch.

Deep Tech and Cross-Pollination

Frontier technology and scientific innovation holds a special place as a pillar for global economic growth. From the explosive growth of the internet connecting over half of the global population in a never-before-seen way to Med-Tech spearheading new and exciting ways to lengthen life and improve standards of living, technology has been, is and will be a bulwark of growth and a gateway towards a better future (if we do it well.)

Our brilliant Pitch Winners from AIBC Americas, myLaminin

To this end, the AIBC Summit is at the core of an ever-expanding network of specialists from a broad spectrum of high-energy emerging industries. From a strong delegation from the global Blockchain ecosystem to having the leading specialists of the AI world display their work on stage for all to see as well as other areas such as Quantum Computing, Internet of Things and more, the expo-floor is always on the cutting edge of several different fields. Beyond the sheer potential of these fields in isolation, the presence of all of these in the same space at the same time also brings with it almost exponential growth through Cross-Pollination.

From AI programs and SaaS marketplaces built onto Blockchains to the next-generation of Quantum-proof cybersecurity, the sheer potential is endless and only now being unlocked. While AI has its obvious place in the AIBC ecosystem, it’s mainly human intelligence that acts as the key to this leap into the future. Hence, empowering the entrepreneurs and teams with ground-breaking ideas is a vital aspect of this industry’s growth and prosperity. Enter from the left stage; AIBC Pitch.

AIBC’s Launchpad: The Pitch Competition

A combination of spectacle and accelerator, the AIBC Pitch provides 100 hand-selected startups with a designated booth at the Start-Up Village, a physical ecosystem of entrepreneurs benefiting from a front-row seat to the Summit’s many investors and C-Suite executives. Having been given the time and space for them to refine their pitches and unique selling points, the 100 are vetted over a number of different criteria. Then the Pitch proper kicks into first gear.

The top 10 projects will be selected from the village to pitch their start-up in front of a panel formed from some of the leading venture capitalists, industrial moguls, technological experts and angel investors. Following the doubtlessly spectacular and neck-and-neck presentations drawn from the leading Deep Tech sectors, one will be leaving the Pitch with the grand prize of up to $500,000 in equity investment. Beyond this, winners may also have the potential to win additional boosts such as consultancy opportunities, office space, the perusal of recruitment services, networking opportunities galore and a stellar marketing campaign.

An AIBC Pitch Retrospective:

With several Pitches under our belt, we’ve managed to empower some of the Deep Tech ecosystem’s leading talent in their disruptive ventures. A sample of which includes PalletPal, a digital trade finance solution finder based in the MENA but operating globally which has freed up capital for multi-million dollar projects and Mysa Finance, a Blockchain-based real estate project which has pioneered the concept of a deREIT which has opened up new avenues into real estate investment for the everyman.

On their end, they had this to say;

There is no better way to practise pitching, affirm your problem statement and validate your solution than by taking the stage and telling your story. Win or lost, the experience will only make you stronger.

Startup competitions such as the AIVC emerging tech competition help not only by giving startups the platform to fine tune their ideas and lift off their businesses but also by encouraging more outside-the-box problem solving from rising entrepreneurs – Palette.Pal

Thanks to all the unsung heroes at the AIBC Summit for putting on a great show, conference and giving startups such a great opportunity! – Mysa Finance

Planning on starting your own unicorn? Feel free to contact us to see if you’ll be in with a chance of leaving the Summit a Pitch winner!

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