Bitcoin mining will heat Canadian homes

Posted:Oct 19, 2021 09:19 Category: Americas , Blockchain , Posted by
Ravindu Dabarera

Heat emitted form Bitcoin mining will be utilized to heat homes in North Vancouver for about 100 buildings

Canada-based cleantech cryptocurrency provider MintGreen and Lonsdale Energy Corporation are working on a project to reuse Bitcoin mining energy to heat approximately 100 buildings, both commercial and residential in North Vancouver, British Colombia. According to a Thursday statement, more than 96% of mining electricity can be reused by “digital boilers”.

The idea had already seen practice among individual miners in the region to reduce their carbon footprint during harsh winters that can see temperatures as low as -20° C in North Vancouver. Canadian whiskey company Shelter Point Distillery and the Vancouver Island Sea Salt facility were the first commercial enterprises to profit from mining energy waste in the form of heat. The project is one of many initiatives reacting to criticism about crypto mining being to carbon consuming.

The atmosphere will be spared an estimated 20,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases per megawatt in Northern Vancouver. Roughly 38% of carbon dioxide emissions of urban areas are produced through building maintenance and construction. If the rig heating system is spread out, crypto mining could perhaps polish its image from being a carbon colossus to an environmentally feasible alternative to the paperback tradition.

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