Beosin take the top prize at the AIBC Asia Pitch

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Beosin Technology was the acclaimed winner of the Pitch Competition at the AIBC Asia Summit in the emerging tech hub of the Philippines.

The 2nd day of the summit saw the Pitch Competition make its presence known when the Eagleeye creators ended the day as the competition’s biggest winner.

Beosin beat out stiff competition from 5 other start-ups that had all proven the most innovative from the esteemed expo floor.

Competing at the event afforded every participant an incredible opportunity to gain global visibility as well as mentorship and connection with a panel of industry leaders and venture capitalists in the form of the competition judges.


Beosin has developed a platform called Eagleeye, which provides 24/7 on-chain monitoring and notification services. When risks are detected by the system, it sends customers real-time security alerts and warnings.

This type of tracing assists Beosin’s clients in preventing cryptocurrency threats such as scams, ransoms and transfers into Tornado Cash among others.

Using the Eagleeye platform will allow customers to meet high-level KYC standards, fully compliant with the regulatory policies of Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs).

Possessing agile capabilities, Beosin has the propensity to meet the rapidly evolving needs of an emerging market. This has meant Beosin Technology enjoys a strong presence in the Asian market set only to thrive.

This was affirmed by a statement Besoin made subsequent to its pitch win:

We are here at AIBC to get in touch with the locals and understand the current needs of the Web3 industry.”

Beosin has also showcased a willingness to collaborate with industry leaders and even competitors in order to upgrade their services consistently.

Speaking on their pitch success Beosin had this to say:

It gives us a lot of validation that the current market in the Philippines is very serious about the gaming sector and the Web3 space.”

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