AIBC Eurasia attracts top tier KOLs and VIP Speakers to Dubai event

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AIBC is returning to Dubai this 25th to 27th February , bringing with it some of the biggest names in emerging tech. With its forward-thinking focus, the emirate fosters an ecosystem for innovation with an emphasis on futuristic long term strategies across a diversity of verticals, including AI, blockchain and IoT. Read on for a glimpse at the visionaries shaping the world of frontier technologies. The summit and conference is being held at the Festival Arena by the Intercontinental Hotel Festival City.

Prof. Scott Stornetta – The Father of Blockchain

Alongside Stuart Haber, Stornetta kickstarted the dream for Blockchain as a pursuit for a digital hierarchy system with digital time stamps. With their 1991 paper, How to Time-Stamp a Digital Document, they set the foundation for a technology that ended up disrupting the modern world. Stornetta debuted the oldest running blockchain in 1995, as a project under Surety Technologies. Stornetta is currently a Partner and Chief Scientist at Yugen Partners. 


Dr Marwan Al Zarouni – The Tech Visionary

Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni is the CEO of Dubai Blockchain Centre – an impact business and strategic partner to the Dubai Future Foundation. With a profound expertise in blockchain technology, he has played a pivotal role in advancing Dubai’s position as a global blockchain hub. Dr. Al Zarouni is dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration within the blockchain ecosystem and has served as a member of the Global Future Council on Cryptocurrencies at the World Economic Forum. He was also ranked by CoinTelegraph as one of the top 100 most influential people world-wide in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Dr. Sara al Madani – The Emirati Entrepreneur

Dr. Sara Al Madani has made significant contributions to the fields of technology and entrepreneurship – becoming a board member of the UAE SME Council in 2015 and the youngest board member to join the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2014. As a tech entrepreneur, Sara has demonstrated her visionary mindset by founding and leading several successful ventures. Not only has she achieved remarkable success in her own ventures, but Sara is also passionate about inspiring and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs through her mentorship programs and public speaking engagements.  

In 2021 she was named most influential leader by the Asia One World leaders summit, going on to win the Pride of UAE Award from the Herald Global and Motivational Influencer of the Year from FilmFare in 2023.


Nick Spanos – The crypto pioneer

A pioneer and thought leader in the blockchain paradigm, Nick Spanos is credited as the founder of the Bitcoin Center in 2013 – the first live crypto currency exchange. Located 100 feet from the New York Stock Exchange and inventor of the multi-branched blockchain, and blockchain voting. Both patents have been granted. Nick boasts thirty years of experience in technology and politics and has also featured prominently on the netflix documentary “Banking on Bitcoin”. He was also Founder of in 1997. In 1983 he attended New York Institute of technology where he studied computer science and AeroSpace Engineering.


Josef Holm – The Venture Capitalist and entrepreneur

Josef Holm, Co-Founder and CEO of Rewardable, is a tech industry luminary with over 25 years of experience. A seasoned expert in user acquisition, digital marketing, and venture building, his startups, including one with $50 million in sales, showcase his prowess. Josef leads Rewardable’s charge in revolutionising rewards through blockchain and Web3 technologies. As a partner at Draper Goren Holm, he co-founded a web3 venture studio and fund, and as a board member at Return.Finance, he contributes to decentralised finance solutions. An influential figure in the blockchain and Web3 ecosystem, Josef’s disruptive spirit fuels his advisory and investment roles.


Tony Ventura – The Tech Hunter

A specialist in new technologies, Tony Ventura is leading the charge in researching the best tools to create custom intelligence to provide real market differentiation for companies. Ventura is also well known on the speaker circuit and as a tech mentor for senior executives on how to use technology to their advantage. Tony is also the CEO of Tony Ventura Technology and a mentor at Inovativa Brasil MDIC, where he shares his expertise with startups.


Nameer Khan – The Fintech leader

Nameer Khan, Chairman of the MENA Fintech Association (MFTA) and Founder of Fils, the region’s premier sustainability-focused fintech, stands as MENA’s Future Fintech Leader recognized by the UAE Central Bank. Renowned for propelling MFTA among the top 4 global fintech entities, Nameer is a revered investor and board member for leading tech companies. His visionary leadership fosters sustainable fintech, earning accolades from industry and regulatory bodies. Beyond his impactful role in fintech, Nameer enriches Edinburgh Business School’s Advisory Board with his profound expertise, contributing to a future where innovation and sustainability converge for a prosperous tomorrow.


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