Shoulders of Giants: Top AIBC Past Speakers

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Ravindu Dabarera

Breaking ground ever since its inauguration in 2018, the AIBC Summit has been a nexus for an ever-growing and ever-deepening network of technologists and visionaries. During the span of the last few years, our AIBC Conferences have been graced by some of the leading minds in the Deep Tech space. In this article, we will highlight some of the pioneers that set the stage for future Summits and Tomorrow’s society as a whole.

Without further ado, here are some of the top speakers of Past AIBC Summits

John McAfee

During the AIBC Malta Summit in 2019, the late Larger-than-life cybersecurity entrepreneur John McAfee spearheaded some of the most pertinent topics and panels pertaining to the power of crypto and Blockchain. In a mix of ambitious predictions and in-depth analysis on current trends in Blockchain adoption, all given in his characteristic Devil-may-care style, his presence during the Summit cemented his place as a close friend of the Summit as a whole and his loss was sorely felt.

Dr. Scott Stornetta

The Grandfather of the modern Blockchain, Dr. Stornetta’s work is globally renowned for both the quality and the seminal nature of his work. Having been cited by Satoshi in the legendary Bitcoin Whitepaper, Dr. Stornetta’s presence at the Summit helped lay the foundations for the current prestige AIBC holds within the Emerging Tech community. He was also, by all accounts, an absolute pleasure to work with.

Brock Pierce

Former actor, Presidential candidate and cryptocurrency pioneer, Brock Pierce is known far and wide for both his keen interest in Blockchain as well as his eloquence when approaching his ventures. Having appeared at multiple AIBC Summits, Pierce has been a constant support and perpetual friend to AIBC as a whole.

Ben Goertzel

Another pillar of the AIBC Summit, Ben Goertzel is a leading figure in the AI and AGI space. The architect behind Sophia, the first social humanoid robot to achieve world-wide popularity. A leading pioneer in both the technological development of Artificial Intelligence as well as in the ethical awareness surrounding the ideal approach to emerging technology, Goertzel’s presence in the AIBC ecosystem is a vital and deeply appreciated one.

Lord J. Marland

Chairman of Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council, Lord Marland was able to offer insight into both the private and public sector’s perception of Blockchain as an emerging technology. His advocacy for it on the grounds of its sheer potential added a powerful overtone to the 2019 AIBC Summit in terms of both hope and regulatory insight.


Having been there since the beginning, Akon holds a special place in the broader AIBC ecosystem as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and humanitarian par excellence. His advocacy for the African people and consistent effort towards empowering the people of the continent through the Blockchain have earned him a special place in the global Crypto ecosystem.

Noel Sharkey

Professor-Emeritus of AI and Robotics at the University of Sheffield and Co-Director of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, Noel Sharkey was a thought-leader par excellence at AIBC’s 2019 Summit. A leader in terms of ethical AI, he spoke at length about the danger that unregulated AI had if used incorrectly. As pertinent now as it has ever been, his suggestions on the future use of AI will undoubtedly have a vital role to play.

Nick Spanos

Spanos has been a veteran of both the internet and cryptocurrency with his influence forming part of the backbone of the early movement. Another welcome speaker at AIBC, Spanos often notes that we might be in the beginning of the Crypto Renaissance but only if the community has the will to persevere.

Tone Vays and Roger Ver

Concluding the list on a high note, the AIBC Summit has also taken the effort to platform debates on the future of the emerging tech industry. Tackling Bitcoin’s potential role as a currency when compared to Bitcoin Cash, industry leaders Tone Vays and Roger Ver met head to head in an AIBC Deathmatch in a battle on which currency can spearhead mass adoption.

AIBC Americas debuts in Toronto:

Following the massive success that was AIBC Asia, the Summit’s first ever physical debut in the Americas is set to take Toronto by storm this June. Uniting the best and brightest in the emerging tech world, AIBC Americas will feature leading policy makers, executives, technologists and visionaries in groundbreaking areas such as AI, Blockchain and Quantum Computing. The Summit will be composed of three days of thought-leading panels, inspiring keynotes and a massive amount of opportunities to network, leaving our delegates several steps closer to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Join us from the 6th till the 9th of June in Toronto!