SharkGate clinches the AIBC Europe 2023 Pitch Award

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The recent AIBC Europe 2023 Pitch Event provided a platform for six innovative companies to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and technologies to a distinguished panel of judges and potential investors.

The format of the event was designed to challenge participants, with each startup allotted three minutes to pitch their concept to the audience and judges. Following their pitch, participants faced a five-minute Q&A session, during which they had to defend and elaborate on their ideas in front of an expert panel of judges.

After careful deliberation, the expert panel of judges, composed of industry veterans and investors, declared SharkGate the winner of the AIBC Europe 2023 Pitch. The decision was based on the startup’s innovation, market potential, and the team’s ability to communicate their vision effectively within the challenging time constraints.

During their pitch, SharkGate managed to deliver a compelling pitch within the tight time constraints, effectively conveying the uniqueness and potential impact of their product.

SharkGate’s pitch focused on their innovative approach to cybersecurity, emphasizing the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain to create a robust defense against evolving cyber threats. The startup’s solution showcased not only technical sophistication but also a keen understanding of the pressing challenges facing businesses in the digital age.

During the Q&A session, SharkGate demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of their market, competitors, and the broader industry landscape. The judges were impressed with the startup’s ability to articulate their value proposition and answer tough questions with confidence and clarity.

SharkGate’s victory not only earned them recognition within the AIBC community but also positioned them as a rising star in the broader tech and cybersecurity space. The startup’s success at the AIBC Pitch Event serves as a testament to the importance of concise and impactful communication in the startup world, where first impressions can make all the difference.

Ultimately, AIBC has given us a great platform to do this and our key message at the end of this great win for us at SharkGate is that we want the internet to be a safer place for everybody to enjoy and we want to revolutionise the way the industry is protected.

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