Security Matters: PepsiCo’s Blockchain partner for recycling

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In the global fight for a better and more livable environment, dealing with the near-omnipresent challenge of plastic pollution is a vital front that advances in Deep Tech are only now managing to tackle. With some of the largest institutional players entering the Blockchain space, this emerging technology might be a pillar in the establishment of a greener supply chain.

Security Matters: PepsiCo’s Blockchain partner for recycling

PepsiCo, the brand behind consumer favorites such as Pepsi and Mountain Dew and many many more, is the second largest player in the global soft drinks industry. Necessarily, this means that any attempt to clean and secure the international supply chain would need participation from consumer giants such as PepsiCo in order to stand a chance at a genuinely sustainable impact. Through the power of Blockchain, the company may have found disruptive ways to base their manufacturing cycle on a digitalized and traceable system.

PepsiCo Labs has reported it will team up with six new companies to advance this focus on sustainability in its European production network. One of these new companies, Security Matters, utilizes blockchain innovation to recognize, sort and pack waste products. The company plans to use Security Matters’ invisible market system in both the sorting process of waste by-products and in making these systems identifiable and verifiable at scale.

Building a circular supply chain

As for the ambitious start-up itself, Security Matters is a next generation solution for product traceability, anti-counterfeiting and brand protection with the aim of upholding supply chain integrity through Blockchain technology. In terms of its venture into empowering the move towards a circular economy, the start-up has developed a Blockchain-powered recycling conveyor that uses chemical markets to identify and filter plastics, these then being digitally twinned to allow for identification.

Beyond PepsiCo, the start-up has also forged several other high profile partnerships such as a joint venture with Perth Mint towards enhancing the traceability and authentication process of gold. As for the industry itself, while Crypto Winter has taken its toll, Blockchain technology is undergoing a very low-profile renaissance with large multinational actors with IBM, Fujitsu and more looking into the technology’s potential for supply chain management and more.

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