P2E game Gods Unchained coming to iPhone, Android

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Blockchain-enabled game Gods Unchained is planned for a release on Apple and Android mobile devices later this year, according to a post by executive producer Daniel Paez on the game’s official website.

Gods Unchained is a play-to-earn (P2E) digital trading card game. The game launched in 2018 under a team led by former game director of Magic: The Gathering Arena, Chris Clay, where players build a deck of cards and battle against other players in intense one-on-one matches. Each card in the game has its own set of abilities and attributes.

“Earlier this year, we trialed the pre-alpha on mobile for Android users, and the love from the community was overwhelming. Over 60K app sessions in less than 30 days! I’m excited to announce we’ve signed our mobile vendor iLogos!” Paez wrote in the post.

“The mobile dev team has already begun working in the background, and we’re on track to bring the game to all (Android and iOS) mobile devices with a soft launch later this year.”

According to Clay, Gods Unchained is aiming for a new era in crypto gaming, free from jargon, where players seamlessly engage with NFTs and blockchain technology. He also expressed excitement for a future where gamers no longer worry about the technical aspects of trading NFTs or the blockchain behind their favorite games.

Importance of the mobile gaming market

Many blockchain gaming companies see entering the mobile gaming market as paramount for their success, as it provides the most direct way to attract enough gamers to make buying and selling in-app digital assets (NFTs) a mainstream consumer habit.

Paez, who is also a former employee of gaming giants Activision and Blizzard Entertainment, said that even though the competition is stiff, the potential rewards are immense. Paez believes that the mobile gaming market is vast and attracts a diverse range of players.

“Getting a good slice of the pie on mobile, even though it’s highly competitive, the pie is really, really big. And it’s a different kind of player [compared to PC and console gaming]. You have a wider range of players you can target.”

Daniel Paez, Gods Unchained’s executive producer

In the previous year, blockchain-based gaming companies received enormous support from venture capitalists, who invested billions of dollars hoping to back the next big hit like Pokémon GO or Clash of Clans.

According to The Block Research, these investments totaled over $5 billion, covering gaming studios, metaverse applications, blockchain-based games, and sports betting-related apps. The challenge for crypto-game developers presently is to reach billions of mobile gamers worldwide, which will be crucial for their success.

Apple’s changing crypto policy

Getting approval to be on the App Store for Apple devices has been quite challenging for Web3 app and game developers in the past, but recent developments signify that the company may be loosening its crypto policy. NFT online game Axie Infinity and Web3 lifestyle app Stepn, for instance, have both received approval from Apple to list their apps on the App Store.

While Axie Infinity is currently only available in select countries on Apple iOS devices, it has plans to expand its reach globally. Another game, NFL Rivals by Mythical Games, has also made its way onto both Android and Apple devices.

According to Paez, dealing with Android is generally simpler. However, now that Apple has become “a lot more forthright in terms of their policies,” Paez said there is no clear-cut strategy for getting on mobile, and each platform presents its unique set of challenges.

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