Massive yield-farming adoption drive launched

Category: Blockchain

Free TON is a community-driven and owned next-generation blockchain delivering the first functional dynamic sharding technology on the market, allowing true scalability

With an eye-watering 15m TON Crystal incentivisation warchest, the Free TON DeFi alliance are looking to show off the DeFi capabilities of the platform.

Following the launch of TON Bridge and TON Swap, the push for recognition is serious.

Ton crystal“Free TON was in stealth mode for a year, developing infrastructure and building a core community. At the moment, the network has accumulated a critical mass of solutions in order to step into a new phase of mass adoption and start releasing products for end-users.

Taking into account the activity of the participants of subgovernances, strong developers, and a group of professional investors, Free TON has a good chance of ascending into that rarefied air of the top networks. said Ignat Shapkin, Free TON DeFi Alliance Spokesperson and Warp Portfolio Manager.

What makes Free TON the perfect platform to shift the DeFi space into the next gear then? There are several factors to which it could be attributed, low latency, high throughput, 0.2s block times, and ultra-low transaction fees. Mr. Shapkin went on to add,

“The technological stack is important but it is worthless if there are no social interactions happening with its help. At its core, FreeTON is already providing tools for the governance of a distributed society organized in 40+ specific oriented decentralized ministries (‘subgovernances’) and political institutes within them. Thus, it currently empowers the financial system with TON Swap and TON Bridge. And we are on the verge of getting DAO instruments to manage decentralized operating businesses. I can’t imagine a more fertile soil for new DeFI Protocols and SSI ventures in which to grow.”

The Bridge to Ethereum

Free TON is connecting users to the global blockchain financial system while also giving Ethereum users new opportunities. Development teams working on the platform recognise the value in transitioning DeFi users from other networks in order to bring liquidity to their products as well as enable developers from other chains the option to utilise benefits from other protocols such as quicker transfers, lower fees, and greater scalability.

To complement the new DeFi infrastructure, Broxus, the team behind TON Bridge, has announced the release of the governance token for their platform: $Bridge.

Decentralisation for everyone

Contests happening on Free TON are not only aimed at those with programming knowledge and skills. Since the launch in May 2020, almost everything from Telegram channels, branding, social media and PR, has been the result of community-driven contests. Free TON is the only fully decentralized organization where the governance in the network is 100% on-chain and open for anyone to join. Be this through participating in contests, creating proposals or partnerships, it makes for a vibrant community of passionate decentralisation enthusiasts.

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