Dubai police revolutionizes law enforcement with AI-smart driverless patrol cars

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Dubai Police is making headlines with a pioneering leap into the future of law enforcement, introducing fully electric, self-driving patrol cars using cutting-edge artificial intelligence. This ambitious initiative further demonstrates Dubai’s unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in its pursuit of ensuring the utmost safety and security for its residents.

Dubai’s AI-Smart patrol cars

The AI-driven patrol cars represent complex engineering and a significant step forward in autonomous law enforcement. These state-of-the-art vehicles can continuously patrol for up to 15 hours, offering an unwavering and vigilant presence in residential areas. Their impressive 360-degree security cameras provide comprehensive surveillance capabilities, while the incorporation of facial recognition technology enhances their ability to identify individuals and potential threats.

The vehicles are not just passive observers; they are equipped with AI smarts that empower them to detect and respond to suspicious behaviour effectively.

Title: “Dubai Police Revolutionizes Law Enforcement with AI-Smart Driverless Patrol Cars”

Milestone in policing

Additionally, the patrol cars exhibit unparalleled mobility due to a unique mechanical system. Each wheel features independent steering, braking, and throttle systems, enabling these vehicles to move seamlessly in all directions, including forward, backward, sideways and even execute complex instructions. The silent operation of these cars adds a layer of stealth to their capabilities, making them efficient and unobtrusive while patrolling residential areas.

Tech-Savvy community protection

The integration of AI-smart driverless patrol cars is part of a broader technological transformation within Dubai Police. This forward-thinking approach includes the deployment of robocops for providing directions, a fleet of supercars for stylish mobility, and flashy vehicles for paramedics. Even firefighters have received water-powered jet packs to enhance their capabilities.

Dubai Police’s journey into the future of law enforcement combines traditional policing principles with cutting-edge AI, positioning the force as a pioneer in integrating autonomous solutions to enhance public safety.

As these autonomous patrol cars prepare for further testing, the anticipation is that they will become an operational component of Dubai’s law enforcement efforts by the same time next year. The vehicles have been designed by Micropolis, a company established in 2014 in Dubai Internet City.  The company is also a major contributor to the UAE government’s technology-driven initiatives, especially those aimed at achieving the objectives of the country’s AI strategy.

Future of law enforcement

Dubai’s embrace of AI-smart driverless patrol cars signifies not only the city’s dedication to public safety but also its global leadership in leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance security measures. This integration of state-of-the-art patrol cars represents Dubai’s readiness to adapt and lead in an ever-evolving world that is ultimately redefined by AI and emerging technologies.


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