Dr Jane Thomason and Hartej Sawhney, join the Advisory Board at DeFi infrastructure project TheStandard.io

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TheStandard.io has appointed two high-profile crypto industry figures to their Advisory Board – Dr Jane Thomason and Hartej Sawhney 

TheStandard.io, a new DeFi infrastructure project which aims to provide a bridge between traditional physical investments and digital assets has appointed two high-profile crypto industry figures to their Advisory Board – Dr Jane Thomason and Hartej Sawhney.

TheStandard.io issues liquidity to asset holders without selling the assets and makes inflation beneficial for savers, as loans effectively become cheaper to pay back. Users of participating vaulting facilities simply lock up their digital and physical assets in a smart contract which acts as collateral against loans that users can generate without any intermediaries: It will be a private Gold Standard 2.0 and can fundamentally change how people save and use their assets and money.

Dr Jane Thomason is a thought leader in technological innovation, fintech and blockchain for social impact. She was named by Forbes as a leader in Blockchain for Social Impact and is a published author. She holds a large number of academic and commercial positions and co-founded the British Blockchain and Frontier Technology Association.

Photo de profil de Dr Jane ThomasonShe said on her decision to join TheStandard.io: “We live in an interesting time, with governments globally printing currency and therefore pushing massive inflation. Blockchain enables us to build a new decentralised financial system; with a new financial instrument backed by rare assets like gold and crypto, that protects value and allows people to borrow against their asset holdings, The Standard can fundamentally change how people save and use their assets as money.”

Hartej Sawhney pioneered the smart contract security auditing space in 2015. He founded Zokyo, a venture studio that builds, secures and funds crypto, DeFi and NFT companies, and also co-founded Hosho, which was ranked #1 Smart Contract security Auditor in 2019 by Forbes.

Photo de profil de Joshua ScigalaJoshua Scigala, Co-founder of TheStandard.io and Vaultoro said: “Hartej Sawhney is one of the biggest names in smart contract security auditing and we are delighted to have him on board to continue the same high security standards our team enjoyed at Vaultoro, which since its 2015 launch has never been hacked. Dr Jane Thomason brings an outstanding reputation and network with her and will be invaluable in advising on the Standard DAO’s decentralisation strategy, strategic partnerships in the legacy finance world and community building. We are delighted to be announcing these appointments to coincide with the pre-market distribution which starts today. ”

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