David Vella’s tech startup makes debut on NASDAQ Tower

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As New York City’s iconic NASDAQ Tower looms high above Times Square, it now proudly displays the name of tech startup ‘Aurora Design Solutions’ in dazzling lights. This has been a major milestone for David Vella, the visionary head and founder of the tech startup, Aurora.

Significance of Aurora’s NASDAQ Tower debut

This initiative was orchestrated by Wix, a testament to the company’s 10th-anniversary celebration since going public and it has cast a radiant glow on David Vella’s tech brainchild. The decision to showcase Aurora on this global stage is far from arbitrary; the result has propelled the company to newfound heights, drawing the attention of the tech industry’s most discerning observers. While the advertising campaign may have reached far beyond New York and the financial services sector, Vella’s vision for Aurora is ambitions and he wishes to establish the company’s presence in diverse locations globally.

David Vella spoke with AIBC News in an exclusive interview about his vision for Aurora.

LH: Could you provide more insights into your company’s mission and services?
David Vella: Aurora Design Solutions is my brainchild, focused on pushing the boundaries of web development and design. As part of Wix’s exclusive Insiders program, we collaborate closely with companies, including industry giants like Wix, to create remarkable websites. Our agency is dedicated to delivering exceptional web design and development services, catering to businesses of all sizes, from local shops to multinational corporations. Our specialization lies in crafting tailored software solutions which helps business solve their problems. We’ve garnered recognition, such as being featured on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square, and winning the ‘Start-up of the Year’ recently.

LH: What prompted the advert of the company on the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square, New York?
David Vella: Our feature on the Nasdaq Tower was a monumental achievement. It was Wix’s way of showcasing our status as one of the top global web design agencies. This recognition indicated our unwavering commitment to excellence in web design and development. Being prominently displayed in the heart of the tech industry reaffirmed our leadership and dedication.

LH: Could you elaborate on the inception of your startup and the initial investment challenges?
David Vella: Establishing Aurora Design Solutions was an incredible journey, characterized by countless sleepless nights and an abundance of coffee. I embarked on this journey while simultaneously pursuing my bachelor’s degree full-time. In terms of funding, we started with minimal resources and had to reach out diligently to get our services out there. Eventually, our efforts gained momentum, and things started snowballing from there.

LH: Can you provide further insights into the agency’s evolution and achievements?
David Vella: Aurora Design Solutions came to life in January 2017, and it’s been a remarkable journey ever since. Our differentiator has been consistently delivering top-notch work and providing exceptional service to our clients. Winning the Start-up of the Year award at the Delta Summit marked a pivotal moment for us. Since then, we have  continued to evolve, staying at the forefront of web design and development. Our dedication has earned us recognition, awards, and international visibility, including our feature on the Nasdaq Tower.

LH: Tell me more about your educational background and how it shaped your entrepreneurial skills?
David Vella: My fascination with coding and design started at the young age of around 12 years old. I took summer courses in Photoshop and Website Development platforms and, when I entered university, I decided to follow my passion. My academic background is rooted in Information Technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence. I hold a bachelor’s degree in this field, graduating with honours. Additionally, I pursued a Master’s degree in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship, also achieving honours. These qualifications have equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to lead Aurora Design Solutions and implement cutting-edge solutions.

LH: What is your agency’s vision for the future?
David Vella: Our vision at Aurora Design Solutions is to continually expand our market reach and embrace cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solutions. We aim to empower our clients with predictive insights derived from data trends, enabling them to make informed decisions that drive their businesses forward. Our unwavering focus remains on delivering excellence in web design and development, leveraging AI to enhance the quality and impact of our services.

LH:  How critical is the role of AI in your projects, and what impact does it have?
David Vella: AI holds a central role in shaping the future of our agency. It’s a pivotal component in delivering predictive insights and innovative solutions to our clients. AI plays a significant role in enhancing various aspects, such as optimizing conversion rates for eCommerce websites, improving user experiences, and delivering personalized content to users. Ultimately, AI is integral to our commitment to remain at the forefront of the industry, providing cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Aurora Design Solutions provides a wide range of services meticulously crafted to cater to clients’ unique requirements. It encompasses web design that harmoniously marries aesthetics and functionality with the ultimate goal to deliver holistic solutions,

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