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Cybersecurity is everything in iGaming and thanks to Continent 8 ’s Web Application Firewall, operators can now benefit from the highest levels of protection against malicious attacks, says Leon Allen, Director of Innovation

Competition for players is intense in the iGaming industry and for consumers this means being exposed to sustained marketing campaigns, bonus promotions or the buzz of operators’ in-play betting offerings.

At the risk of stating the obvious, for iGaming brands being competitive also means staying online during malicious attacks and being able to offer a fully functional website to their players when under attack, especially during peak events. Indeed, there isn’t much point having the best user experience or bonuses in the market if a website is not able to handle a malicious attack effectively.

In addition, the likelihood of attacks being effective has increased in proportion to the number of new partners and applications that now integrate into operators’ technical infrastructures. As the attack surface increases, so does the potential for vulnerabilities to be exploited.

The Continent 8 Cloud WAF

This is why we have developed the C8 Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) in partnership with cyber-security experts Fortinet.

C8’s Cloud WAF is an enterprise solution that can be used across our global network: as a complete solution against all known and zero-day layer 7 application attacks or, when used in conjunction with C8’s DDoS mitigation solution, as a combined solution for layer 3 and 4 volumetric DDoS and layer 7 web application protection.

The standalone solution offers these functionalities, but the combined solution has the benefit of bringing them all together. This reduces the risk of downtime from volumetric attacks as well as data theft and security breaches from application attacks. It can also scale to protect against targeted application attacks through to the largest brute force DDoS attacks.

When it comes to product features and capabilities, the C8 Cloud WAF offers full and effective protection, exceeding OWASP Top 10 web application security risks. Combining this with content delivery improves the end user experience and provides availability and resilience to operators’ technical infrastructures as part of a flexible, cost effective package.

Product and contract flexibility

The C8 Cloud WAF can be used ‘off the shelf’ for instantaneous protection against OWASP top 10 or can be customized to specific requirements.

cyber 123456By supplying it on a “software as a service” (SaaS) model, operators avoid the need for expensive, on-site dedicated hardware and only pay for the usage they need – from the biggest iGaming brands to start-ups wanting affordable protection without compromise.

This level of flexibility and scalability also ensures the product offering is suitable for other, smaller entities in the industry, including affiliates.

And unlike other WAFs that offer minimal, signature-based protection, the C8 Cloud WAF provides a fully featured WAF to protect against zero-day attacks and other more sophisticated threats, all with near zero false positives.

Flexibility and customization also apply to the reporting tools, which come as advanced visual analytics that provide clear and detailed reports. Alternatively, C8 engineers can also customize reporting configurations for our merchants to suit their data needs.

C8 wealth of experience

Continent 8 is well known across iGaming as the leading supplier of data centres to operators worldwide. Perhaps less well known is that we also lead the field in cybersecurity thanks to the C8 Cloud WAF and our enterprise DDoS mitigation providing a complete solution which is both cost effective and easy to activate.

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