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Chime Financial Inc., a fintech firm that has been a hot topic for its potential initial public offering (IPO), is reportedly planning to go public in the US in 2025. This news comes from an anonymous source familiar with the matter, as the company itself has yet to officially comment on the situation.

Chime has been on the radar of many investors and industry watchers for several years now. The company has made a name for itself by offering fee-free services, a move that directly challenges the traditional banking sector. This strategy has proven successful, with Chime attracting a large number of customers who were dissatisfied with the fees charged by most banks for overdrafts and account maintenance.

In 2021, during a period of significant growth in the technology sector, Chime achieved a valuation of $25 billion. However, this boom was followed by a period of economic uncertainty, with rising interest rates and inflation causing a slowdown in the market for first-time share sales. Despite these challenges, the market appears to be rebounding, with Reddit Inc.’s highly anticipated public listing expected to kickstart a wave of tech company IPOs.

Fee-free future

Chime’s co-founder, Chris Britt, stated in a December interview that the company was as “IPO ready” as it could be. He also mentioned that he was waiting to see how the economy and stock market would perform in the first half of 2024 before making any decisions. “We are certainly at the scale to be a nice public company,” he said.

Chime’s business model is centred around the collection of a portion of interchange fees. When customers use their debit or credit cards to make purchases, Visa charges the merchant an interchange fee for processing the payment. Chime then receives a share of this fee.

In addition to its fee-free services, Chime has also been innovative in its product offerings. In 2018, the company launched SpotMe, a fee-free overdraft service that it claims to have pioneered. Chime also offers a secured credit card with no annual fee or interest, further enhancing its appeal to customers seeking to avoid traditional banking fees.

As banks continue to face scrutiny from lawmakers and regulators over their fee structures, Chime’s approach could represent a significant shift in the financial services industry. With its planned public listing, the company is poised to bring its vision of a fee-free future to a wider audience.



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