Diversifying into AI and blockchain: A keynote speech by Cal Evans

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Posted by Jenny Ortiz

Cal Evans, Managing Associate at Gresham International, has urged Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain investors to focus on tangible value and diversification. 

In his keynote speech at SiGMA Africa happening in South Africa, the renowned international lawyer underscored the importance of tangible value and diversification in investment strategies.  

“When you’re looking at that on the flip side as an investor, you don’t share that dream,” Evans remarked, shedding light on the investor’s perspective. 

“AI and Web3 right now are the biggest market segment hitters.  And what does that mean? Well, it means there’s the most amount of unique technology coming out of those spaces,” he said. 

Solving tangible problems

Evans dissected the essence of investments, urging entrepreneurs to transcend their personal dreams and focus on solving tangible problems. 

Drawing parallels between investments and the market’s dynamics, Evans stressed the significance of diversification. 

“It’s easy for anybody to invest in anything these days,” he remarked, highlighting the need for unique propositions that offer investors genuine diversification. 

Innovation and market disruption

The seasoned lawyer delved into the realms of AI and Web3, highlighting their potential for innovation and market disruption.  

He cautioned against the misuse of buzzwords, urging entrepreneurs to deliver real technological advancements rather than repackaging existing concepts. 

The role of patents

Evans explained the pivotal role of patents in valuation and differentiation, advocating for their strategic deployment in startup endeavours.  

“Creating a patent and filing a patent is something that you can do incredibly easy,” he asserted, demystifying the notion of patent acquisition as an expensive endeavour. 

2.0 investment strategy

In his address, Evans unveiled the essence of a 2.0 investment strategy, centered on providing investors with tangible diversification and access to groundbreaking technologies.  

“Offering people what they want: Diversification and actual access to technology,” he concluded, encapsulating the ethos of modern investment paradigms.