AIBC Summit announces Digital Conference on June 10th

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AIBC Digital is Part of a 3-day Digital Conference held by SiGMA Group

Eman Pulis, Founder and CEO of SiGMA Group.

AIBC Summit, as part of SiGMA Group, has announced the launch of AIBC Digital show set to run on June 10th, 2020 for 3 hours, from 10 AM to 1 PM CET. The digital summit will bring latest trends in AI, blockchain, and other emerging technologies together.

The show is part of the 3-day digital conference with a focus on land-based, online gaming, and emerging tech respectively from 8-10th June 2020.

Founder and CEO of SiGMA Group, Eman Pulis said, “It is now more vital than ever to stay informed and connected, the digital conference will embrace the difficulties we are facing at a time when working together has never been more important. COVID-19 has provided a unique opportunity to stand together and rethink how we live and work.”

Tim Draper participating in a live AMA at AIBC Malta in 2019 with SiGMA TV’s Jessica Walker.

The interactive experience, which will be accessible to everyone, will feature a series of panel discussions and keynotes from leading industry contributors, bringing top speakers together for discussions that will engage the community and shape the future as we adapt to a fast-changing global environment. 

From emerging tech to emerging markets, the conference has attracted 80 speakers to take a 360-degree look at how global markets will adapt and thrive as they navigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Viewers can expect to see big names such as Tim Draper, Data Dash, Paris Smith, and Jesper Karrbrink lining the agenda. With a number of key speakers already on board, interest is fast growing. If you would like to take advantage of sponsorship opportunities please contact [email protected]. To register click here.


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