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  • Traders can only stake ETH
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Pionex Review

Pionex Highlights

If you’ve been on the hunt for a reliable crypto exchange, you might have come across Pionex. In our Pionex review, we break down everything you need to know about this crypto exchange, from its innovative cryptocurrency trading bots to fees and customer support.

What Is Pionex?

Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange with a distinctive emphasis on trading bot services. At its core, Pionex offers an array of built-in trading bots tailored to various trading tactics. This integration means you can set strategies in motion without the constant need to scrutinize fluctuating price charts.

What we like the most about Pionex is its innovative approach to cryptocurrency trading. Pionex aggregates the liquidity from Binance and Huobi Global, two of the industry’s leading crypto exchanges, further amplifying trading prospects. With a presence in over 100 countries and a monthly trading volume surpassing $50 billion, Pionex has carved a niche for itself in the crypto trading landscape.

Unlike many exchanges where crypto traders set their own parameters and execute trades manually, Pionex revolutionizes this by offering 16 complimentary trading bots. These include the DCA Bot, Rebalancing Bot, Martingale Bot, Pionex Arbitrage Bot, Grid Trading Bot, Reverse Grid Bot, and others.

Upon signing up with Pionex, users instantly gain access to these bots. They can either employ current configurations or tweak them to their preferences. This feature, beneficial for traders of all levels, simplifies trading, minimizing guesswork and maximizing potential profits with reduced effort.

How to Open an Account at Pionex

Opening a Pionex account is straightforward and can be accomplished in a few easy steps:

  • Navigate to the Pionex website and select the “Sign Up” option located at the top right.
  • Provide your email and set a password.
  • Confirm your email by clicking on the verification link sent to you.
  • For Level 1 verification, input and confirm your phone number. This level requires basic details like your address, email, and phone number.

With these steps completed, you’re ready to deposit funds and begin trading. If you’re aiming for higher withdrawal limits, proceed with Level 2 verification. This involves submitting a photo ID and a selfie. Typically, this verification level is processed within a day.

Although Pionex primarily operates via its web browser interface, there’s also a mobile application available for Android and iOS. All you have to do is search for “Pionex” in your respective app store, download it, and follow the on-screen instructions to set up an account or log in if you’ve already registered on the platform. With Pionex app, you can review and manage trades on the go, ensuring you never miss out on any trading opportunities.

Is Pionex Safe?

Pionex has implemented a range of measures to bolster the safety of users’ assets and personal data, which include:

  • Regulation: Pionex stands out as one of the exchanges that has secured a Money Services Business (MSB) license from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). This accreditation means it adheres to strict regulatory standards, enhancing its credibility.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA): Pionex strongly recommends that its users activate 2FA, adding another security layer to their accounts. This ensures that even if a malicious actor obtains a user’s password, they would still need 2FA to access the account.
  • Cold storage: To mitigate risks, Pionex stores a substantial amount of user funds offline in cold wallets. This strategy reduces the chances of funds being compromised in the event of a security breach.
  • Encryption: Utilizing state-of-the-art encryption methods, Pionex ensures the protection of user data and transaction details. This means that even in the event of a breach, the data remains inaccessible to unauthorized entities.
  • IP whitelists: You have the option to set up IP whitelists and allow access only to pre-approved IP addresses. This feature acts as a safeguard against unauthorized access attempts from unfamiliar locations.

While Pionex has established a strong security framework, you should also adopt best practices on your end. This encompasses the use of robust, distinct passwords, activating 2FA, and remaining vigilant against phishing schemes.

What Are Pionex Features?

Here’s a deeper dive into Pionex main features:

  • Trading Bot: At the forefront of Pionex’s offerings are its sophisticated trading bots. These are not just ordinary automated tools; you can use a Pionex trading bot to review, set, and execute specific trading strategies. By monitoring market conditions in real time, these bots can make split-second decisions, potentially maximizing profitability.
  • Futures Bot: The Futures Bot is a testament to Pionex’s commitment to innovation. Specifically designed for the futures market, it simplifies the often complex world of futures trading. By automating various tasks, it aims to strike a balance between risk and reward, giving you an edge in a competitive crypto market.
  • Futures trading: Beyond the bot, Pionex’s futures trading platform is robust and intuitive. It allows you to speculate on the future price trajectories of cryptocurrencies, providing a platform for both hedging strategies and aggressive profit-seeking.
  • Spot trading: Spot trading is the bedrock of any cryptocurrency exchange, and Pionex excels here. With a user-friendly interface and real-time price updates, you can buy or sell assets at current market prices with ease.
  • Swap: The swap feature is all about convenience. It allows you to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, eliminating the need for complex order placements and waiting times.
  • Demo trading: Recognizing the steep learning curve many face in crypto trading, Pionex offers a demo trading environment. This sandboxed platform allows you to practice strategies without risking actual funds, bridging the gap between learning and real-world trading.
  • Robo-Advisor: In an age of information overload, Pionex’s Robo-Advisor stands out. By analyzing vast amounts of data, it provides you with actionable investment insights, making the decision-making process more informed and strategic.
  • Staking: Pionex’s staking feature taps into the growing trend of earning passive income in the crypto world. By holding and staking certain cryptocurrencies on the platform, users can earn rewards, making their assets work for them.
  • API: For those of you looking to customize experience or integrate Pionex’s key features into third-party platforms, the API is a godsend gift. It’s robust, well-documented, and designed to cater to both developers and advanced traders.
  • PionexGPT: As a testament to Pionex’s ethos, PionexGPT is another innovative tool in its arsenal. It’s a Pionex bot that helps you generate trading strategies and fine-tune them based on historical data and real-time market conditions.

What Are Pionex Fees?

Pionex offers three types of transaction fees: spot, leveraged tokens, and future trading fees:

Spot Trading:

  • Taker Fee: 0.05%
  • Maker Fee: 0.05%

Leveraged Tokens Trading:

  • Taker Fee: 0.1%
  • Maker Fee: 0.1%

Futures Trading:

  • Taker Fee: 0.05%
  • Maker Fee: 0.02%

But there’s more to Pionex’s fee structure than just these standard rates. The platform introduces a tiered VIP system, segmented into eight distinct levels, ranging from VIP1 to VIP8. The classification within these levels is determined by a rolling 30-day cumulative trading volume.

For those high-volume traders who surpass the criteria for VIP8, there’s an exclusive opportunity to join the market maker program. Interested users can reach out through Pionex’s online support, available on both their website and app. After a thorough review, the Pionex team will initiate contact.

It’s worth noting that climbing the VIP ladder isn’t restricted to just spot trading. Both spot and futures contract transactions contribute to the cumulative volume, allowing users to upgrade their VIP status.

This version integrates the additional details you provided, offering a comprehensive view of Pionex’s trading fee structure and VIP system.

Pionex Customer Support - Which Customer Support Options Does Pionex Have?

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the Pionex exchange, you can review its dedicated FAQ section platform. And if you can’t find the answer to your question, there are several avenues available to seek further assistance:

  • Telegram group: For real-time discussions and community support, you can join the official Pionex Telegram group at https://t.me/pionexen. It’s a great place to interact with both Pionex representatives and fellow users.
  • Customer service email: For more formal inquiries or to report specific issues, you can reach out directly to Pionex’s customer service team via email at [email protected].
  • Live chat support: If you prefer instant messaging, Pionex provides live chat support. Simply visit the Pionex website and look for the chat icon, typically located at the bottom right corner of the page. This feature connects you directly with a Pionex representative for real-time assistance.

Remember, Pionex values its user community and strives to address all concerns in a timely and professional manner.

Pionex Reviews - What Do Customers Say About Pionex?

Pionex has garnered a mix of reviews from its user base. Many users praise the platform for its user-friendly interface and the innovative range of automated trading bots, which they claim have simplified their trading experience. The competitive fee structure, especially with the tiered VIP system, is another aspect that has won favor among traders. The staking options and the Robo-Advisor feature have also been highlighted as standout offerings, with users appreciating the passive income opportunities and data-driven insights they provide.

However, like all platforms, Pionex has its share of critiques. Some users have pointed out occasional delays in withdrawal times, especially during high-traffic periods. Others wish for a broader range of cryptocurrencies to trade and stake.

Final Thoughts: Is Pionex Worth It?

After delving deep into Pionex exchange and its offerings, it’s evident that the platform brings a unique blend of features to the table. The integration of advanced crypto trading bots, coupled with a competitive fee structure, positions it as a strong contender in the crowded crypto exchange market. Its commitment to user security, evident from its robust measures and regulatory compliance, further adds to its credibility.

However, like any platform, it’s essential to align its features with individual trading needs. For those who prioritize automation and a user-friendly interface, Pionex is an excellent choice. The added benefits of staking, futures trading, and a responsive customer support system make it even more appealing.


Is Pionex legit?

Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange that is registered and regulated in Singapore. It has been recognized as a legitimate platform. However, as with any financial service, you should conduct your own research and exercise caution to ensure your investments are secure.

How much does Pionex charge for fees?

When it comes to spot trading, Pionex charges a transaction fee of 0.05%, both taker and maker. For Pionex leveraged tokens trading, that fee is 0.1% (taker and maker), while for futures trading, the exchange charges a 0.05% fee for takers and 0.02% for makers.

Are Pionex crypto bots completely free to use?

As previously mentioned in our Pionex review, the platform offers 16 free trading bots you can use to automate your trading strategies.