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The AIBC GameFi Pitch is about more than just bright ideas. The competition offers a solid launchpad for pioneering startups pushing the boundaries of emerging technology, bringing them invaluable advice and mentorship from leading investors in the field.

A lucky 10 will be selected to pitch their project live on stage in front of a panel made up of a team of leading industry experts, putting them in the running to win a potential investment prize of up to $500,000 and giving them a leg up in their unicorn journey.

AIBC has also given 100 startups a highly coveted space on our expo floor as part of the StartUp Village initiative, bringing them unparalleled opportunities to meet potential investors and VCs and showcase new developments.

Deadline to apply: TBD

Should you have any questions, please contact Ali on [email protected]




A free 1x1m booth
at AIBC Summit



Premium events
at AIBC Summit



A live pitch competition
for 10 finalists



Exposure on AIBC'S
print & digital media



Consultancy & mentorship
from industry veterans



Connections to potential
customers & investors


In Equity Investment








Jessica Walker


Fluid Finance


AIBC is not just a one-time-event, but a holistic platform bringing investors and startups together under one roof, forging connections, and building long-lasting relationships. Should you need any introductions please contact Emily on [email protected]

Irina Heaver

The Crypto Lawyer

Rico Pang

Co-Founder & CEO

Sanctum Global Ventures



Design and build professional apps, with just a single person in minutes.  Keeping it simple where it should be. Our clients have found that a designer and a junior developer using Abstra can outpace a traditional 5-person product team.  Visual drag-and-drop UI builder  Actions and custom code  Database and API integrations  Deploy instantly 


Fractional ownership of collectible automobiles that can be traded on a blockchain platform as digital tokens, and redeemed for driving.   We come with 10+ experience in engineering and management at Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren, Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan. This comes with a strong network.  We have been exploring data on the market prior to the competition even thinking about doing this type of work. We have more than a million data points. 


Cryptocurrency payment gateway for merchants (online and physical) and businesses.   It's a completely non-custodial payment gateway and crypto wallet service. It sticks to the original Bitcoin philosophy that you should be always in control of your own money and shouldn't delegate on third parties to custody it.    Our motto is "Your keys, your crypto". We have also focused on security and peace of mind with the non-custodial model, as well as on easiness of setup and use. Any merchant can register and start accepting crypto payments in less than ten minutes. 

NoID Solutions Ltd

We know how important your data privacy and security are to you. That is why our innovative leading-edge communication and message solution guarantees you the utmost protection. As your trusted partner in this space, you can be assured that we keep your highly valuable information completely safe within your network using state-of-the-art data centers and servers.  

Nexxyo Labs

We are a technology company composed of an interdisciplinary team, dedicated to the development of cutting-edge technology applications to facilitate the daily lives of people and businesses. Our goal is to help your company by developing desktop, mobile and web-based applications focused on advancing your business, solving your technological and management needs.   We implement state-of-the-art solutions, develop blockchain projects and advise our clients on the best strategy. 


A regulated financial infrastructure that allows for all financial services to be put on a trust less network.Our technology allows to distribute our streaming content offering across every channels and in simulcast. 
Our experience starts with the Television daily format and converges online by delivery an average of 10 hours of daily entertainment creating a full immersive experience for our betting community which actively generate core content that is commercially viable for the betting brands.


It is a social network that is based on the collaboration of users, through a recommendation system based on a single vote and payment for referrals. Users charge for using the application in tokens. In addition, the Blockchain gives users the freedom and protection within a decentralized ecosystem to use any currency for the contracting of its services in transactions with other users. 

Diaman Capital

Next gen of investment tools, we have developed www.analysewr4crypto.com and we aim to create a marketplace for investment BOT to connect with clients accounts. The goal is to have a all-in-one digital platform for manage multiple accounts in only one place through API keys.


DDIBS is the next generation of market research that helps sellers succeed in the competitive e-commerce market by providing customer behavior data at their pre-sales stage. Through machine learning and dynamic pricing algorithms, customers' product feedback gets analyzed and becomes critical data for sellers.  


CRIPTOVISION is a disruptive and inclusive ecosystem based on blockchain technology that integrates, energizes and enhances four technological platforms to facilitate the use and adoption of new technologies, allowing people to have access to intellectual property registration through Vsion NFT & Unnic ID, have access to decentralized financial services through Vsion DeFi, use or create decentralized applications through Vsion Smart Chain and live a decentralized virtual academic experience through VsionPAD..


In Bitmotto we bring Blockchain Solutions to fintech and Blockchain companiesThe Bitmotto software consists of a Broker platform, a crypto payments processor, a KYC management module, a custody platform, a real estate platform, and DeFi as a service platform. All our solutions are based on the European Union regulations. 


Wakatta is an NFT-focused blockchain for the entertainment industry. Our next-gen NFTs  upgradable, time-limited & text-rich  unleash endless opportunities for artist collaborations and digital creations in the art, music, fashion, sports & luxury sectors. Wakatta is an NFT-focused blockchain for the entertainment industry developed on Polkadot Substrate - leading tech framework.

Umbria Network

Umbria is a Decentralised Finance protocol, which is creating low-cost and easy-to-use DeFi applications. Umbria aims to demystify and simplify DeFi and get people earning income on their crypto.  Umbria’s first partnership - with Polygon - is seeing it use Polygon’s Ethereum scaling solution to develop a suite of popular DeFi features at fractional on-chain cost of many current DeFi platforms with greater transaction speed. Umbria is actively developing further collaborations in the DeFi space. 


We issue fully compliant digital securities for property projects via our blockchain platform, which can be traded over the counter on our platform or via exchanges we work with. Once the securities are issued, they can be used as a collateral to obtain loans.


Our team has spent a number of years implementing, refining and digitizing a novel process of directly investing into real estate. PlotPeer has been able to lower the barriers to entry to a traditionally inaccessible asset class of real estate. Our core ethos is centred around driving innovation in finance and financial institutions, and fundamentally democratising individual access to, and personal control over financial instruments.


Orica is the ethical funding platform for digital creatives and social impact projects. Our mission is to accelerate wealth equality through digital assets. Creators use Orica to access smart funding, sustainably mint assets and share royalties.   Orica collectors drive global change through impactful investments.


Lightency operates green microgrids and implement a p2p energy trading platform to increase efficiency in the grid" "  We have a very complementary team, we are targeting the African market with a very exciting mission to create social, environmental and economic impact. We are supported by governmental institutions."


Jobchain is a platform for Web, Android, iOS and dWeb. It enables anybody to find jobs and get their salary in cryptocurrency. The application consists of a cryptocurrency wallet where users can store, buy, sell, send, receive cryptocurrencies and also a labor market where users can hire and get hire and receive their salary instantly in cryptocurrency.


IDEEZA is a fully Hardware product development platform powered by deep technology processes, it is also the first and only one to use a multi-layer generative design tool, capable of efficiently integrating  "IDEEZA was conceived as a next-generation Software as a Service (SaaS);and as a creativity flagship, it's free to use, and each user contributes to improving and optimizing the core engines of the platform. 


A smart Wireless IoT Communication Platform Instantly Connecting You Anytime, Anywhere.  GorillaLink provides a smart wireless solution that connects smart devices by IoT manufacturers with satellite service providers across various networks. We prevent vendor lock and by doing so, opening new markets for our customers.




There is no better way to practice pitching, affirm your problem statement, and validate your solution than by taking the stage and telling your story. Win or lose, the experience will only make you stronger


Startup competitions such as the AIBC emerging tech competition help not only by giving startups the platform to fine tune their ideas and lift off their businesses but also by encouraging more outside-the-box problem solving from rising entrepreneurs.

Mysa Finance

Thanks to all the unsung heroes at AIBC for putting on a great show, conference, and giving startups such a great opportunity!

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