China initiates probe into iPhone manufacturer Foxconn


Chinese authorities have launched an investigation into Foxconn, the manufacturer of Apple’s iPhones, concerning issues related to tax and land use. This move, reported by China’s state media, has many implications for one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers.

Tax and land use under scrutiny

China’s Global Times, citing unnamed sources, revealed that tax authorities had conducted inspections at Foxconn’s facilities in the provinces of Guangdong and Jiangsu. In addition to this, natural resources officials carried out inspections at sites located in Henan and Hubei. Foxconn, in response to the investigation, expressed its willingness to cooperate with the authorities.

The company stated, “Complying with laws and regulations is a basic principle for the group worldwide. We will actively cooperate with the relevant authorities’ operations.”

Political and business nexus

The Global Times article cited an expert’s perspective on the situation, stating that Taiwan-funded enterprises, including Foxconn, should also assume corresponding social responsibilities and contribute positively to promoting peaceful cross-strait relations. The situation has impacted the founder’s presidential run presenting a number of implications.

Terry Gou, the founder of Foxconn, who holds a significant stake in the company, is currently an independent candidate in Taiwan’s upcoming presidential elections in January. The outcome of these elections holds substantial influence over Taiwan’s relationship with China and tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

Geopolitical context

The investigation into Foxconn takes place in the broader context of geopolitical tensions between China and Taiwan. The People’s Republic of China asserts Taiwan as part of its territory and retains the option of using force to achieve unification. This complex relationship involves constant surveillance of the airspace and waters near Taiwan.

In addition to Gou’s presidential bid, he is considered to be a key player in business relations between Taiwan and China. However, Terry Gou currently trails behind other presidential candidates in the polls, with a support rating of just 7 percent.

Apple’s complex China relations

Apple, whose devices are manufactured by Foxconn, is also working out its intricate relations with China,  heightened by tensions between Beijing and Washington. The recent visit by Apple CEO Tim Cook to China and meetings with Chinese leadership indicates the complexities faced by global corporations in the current geopolitical climate.

This investigation into the Apple supplier highlights a broader sense of uncertainty among foreign businesses operating in China. Recent regulatory actions against consultancies and due diligence groups have created challenges for international companies.

Raid on media agency in Shanghai

The investigation also comes in the wake of reports that Chinese police conducted a raid at the Shanghai offices of WPP-owned media agency GroupM. These developments leave many unanswered questions about the evolving scenario for foreign businesses in China.


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