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IndoEx Pros
  • Available in 150 countries
  • Over 400 assets and nearly 300 market pairs
  • Secure crypto wallet
  • 24/7 customer support
IndoEx Cons
  • The platform might be overwhelming for beginners
  • Lacks more advanced features
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IndoEx Review

IndoEx Highlights

  • IndoEx exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2019.
  • The platform is available in 150 countries and offers over 400 tokens and nearly 300 market pairs.
  • IndoEx’s user-friendly interface makes trading easy, even for beginners.
  • The exchange offers top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, and Ripple.
  • offers secure wallets for users’ funds and SSL encryption to protect their funds and personal information.
  • IndoEx’s fees are competitive, with both maker and taker fees at 0.15%.
  • The platform offers a robust spot trading feature, a high-rated mobile app, and a referral program with rewards.
  • IndoEx offers customer support via email, social media, and a help center on its website.

What Is IndoEx?

IndoEx is not your average cryptocurrency exchange—it’s a platform designed by experienced digital asset traders for experienced traders. Since its launch in 2019, IndoEx has made a name for itself in the altcoin trading space, thanks to its reasonable commissions, secure wallets, high trading volume, and fast transactions.

The exchange, which has offices in the UK and Estonia, offers nearly 300 market pairs, is accessible in 150 countries, and supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, including the most well-known ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, and Ripple.

What sets IndoEx apart is its ability to offer profitable investment opportunities to users while also providing them with a secure platform to store their digital assets. IndoEx’s support for multicurrency transactions and carefully selected high-quality coins makes it a must-have platform for any trader looking to diversify their portfolio.

IndoEx also provides API for cross-platform trading robots, allowing users to maximize efficiency through algorithmic trading. Furthermore, with over ten payment options available, customers can quickly deposit funds into their accounts and begin trading.

In addition to its exceptional trading features, the IndoEx exchange provides a range of user-friendly activities, such as airdrop welfare and gift-winning invitations. Also, IndoEx’s dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled, and a 24/7 customer care crew is always available to help users.

The exchange’s user-friendly layout makes it simple to navigate, although it might be a bit complicated for beginners, and it provides a variety of tools and charts to assist customers in making knowledgeable trading decisions. Moreover, users of the platform can trade on the go thanks to its mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The low transaction costs however, may be one of the most important advantages. Users can trade confidently knowing they are getting the best deal possible thanks to taker/maker fees of 0.15%. We’ll go over this information in greater detail in our review, so let’s get started.

How to Open an Account at IndoEx?

Step 1: The top right sign up button requires you to enter your email address, username, and password. You will then be asked to confirm that you are human and complete 2FA authentication processes.

Step 2: To open a IndoEx account, you must first go through an identity verification process that includes providing a high-quality photo of your ID, such as your passport or driver’s license. This is done to comply with government regulations and prevent fraudulent activity.

Step 3: IndoEx uses a two-tiered security system that varies depending on your level of authentication. This has an impact on your withdrawal and service limits, so it’s important to understand the various levels.

Step 4: For an additional layer of security, IndoEx also advises using OTP authentication. This entails using the Authy app to generate a one-time password every 30 seconds, adding an extra layer of security to your account.
If you’re a foreigner, you can still sign up with IndoEx by verifying your identity and providing a mobile number in your name. Once your account is activated, you can deposit and withdraw funds in Korean Won.
If you follow these instructions, you’ll have no trouble opening an account here and trading digital assets safely and legally.

Is IndoEx Safe?

In addition to Two-Factor Authentication and SSL encryption, IndoEx has secure wallets for funds so users can rest assured knowing their money is protected. Although several reviews claim that IndoEx holds the majority of its money in cold storage, we couldn’t find any formal documentation that confirms this on the company’s website.

Moreover, IndoEx has announced its partnership with Hanwha, a reputable South Korean insurance company, to provide insurance coverage for hacking incidents on the platform. This move is aimed at addressing concerns raised by traders about the safety of their digital assets on cryptocurrency exchanges.

While it only applies to the top six cryptocurrencies, it’s still a major development in the industry, as few exchanges offer such comprehensive insurance coverage. However, it’s important to note that the insurance won’t cover leveraged bonuses.

What Are IndoEx Features?

Let’s examine the features that set IndoEx apart from the competition.

Spot Trading

IndoEx offers a robust spot trading feature that allows users to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies with ease. With nearly 300 trading pairs available, users have a wide range of options to choose from when trading on the platform.
While IndoEx’s spot trading feature is user-friendly and intuitive, the platform is best suited for experienced traders looking for advanced trading tools and features.
The low transaction fees, algorithmic trading, and real-time market data make IndoEx a popular choice among experienced traders looking to execute their trading strategies more efficiently. However, novice traders may find the platform overwhelming due to the complexity of the tools and data available.

IndoEx App Review

IndoEx’s high-rated mobile app enables traders to execute trades on the go with ease. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and provides access to all of IndoEx’s features and tools, including real-time market data, advanced charting tools, and order execution capabilities.
The app is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience, with a streamlined interface that allows users to access the platform’s features quickly and easily. Moreover, the app ensures that users can trade with confidence, thanks to its robust security measures that protect users’ funds and personal information.

Referral Plan and Contests

IndoEx offers a Refer-A-Friend program, where users can earn rewards by bringing new members to the platform. By promoting IndoEx exchange to friends and associates, diligent users can earn handsome rewards.
After successfully referring ten new members, users become eligible to participate in the contest zone, where they have a chance to win 10 ETH. To qualify for the contest, the referred individuals should be familiar with IndoEx social media accounts, as a follower.
IndoEx also offers users the chance to participate in regular trading contests for a variety of coin rewards.

What Are IndoEx Fees?

IndoEx charges competitive transaction fees. Both maker and taker fees are 0.15%, which is slightly less than the global average. More than ten payment options, including wire transfers and credit and debit cards, are accepted by this exchange.

While crypto deposits are free, IndoEx normally levies deposit fees for fiat deposits. Also, each currency has withdrawal costs that may be viewed in full detail on its website. Nonetheless, we have listed the fees for the most widely used currencies in the table below:

Coin Maker Fee Taker Fee Minimum Deposit Minimum Withdrawal Deposit Fee Withdrawal Fee
BTC 0.15% 0.15% 0.0009 0.0013 0% 0.0008 BTC
ETH 0.15% 0.15% 0.015 0.025 0% 0.006 ETH
XRP 0.15% 0.15% 10 10 0% 10 XRP
LTC 0.15% 0.15% 0.086 0.086 0% 0.083 LTC
USDT 0.15% 0.15% 10 40 0% 29 USDT
BCH 0.15% 0.15% 0.036 0.024 0% 0.05 BCH
USDC 0.15% 0.15% 10 40 0% 0.006 ETH
EUR 0.15% 0.15% 10 10 10% 3 EUR
USD 0.15% 0.15% 10 10 10% 3 USD

IndoEx withdrawal limits are different for each of the three account types, and they are as follows:

  • New accounts: The withdrawal limit for newly opened accounts is $2,000 (or equivalent) for the first 24 hours, $5,000 (or equivalent) for the second 24 hours, and $10,000 (or equivalent) for the third 24 hours.
  • Basic accounts: Currently, basic accounts are permitted to withdraw $2,000 every day (or equivalent).
  • Enhanced accounts: With two-factor enabled, $200,000 (or equivalent) each day. Account verification is necessary.

IndoEx Customer Support - Which Options Does It Offer?

IndoEx crypto exchange provides customer care to its users via several channels:

  • Email Support: Users can contact IndoEx customer support via email anytime and any day of the week through [email protected]. This is a good option for users who prefer to have a written record of their communication with customer support.
  • Social Media: IndoEx maintains a presence on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Users can use these channels to get in touch with customer care and also stay updated on the latest news and announcements.
  • Help Center: IndoEx has a help center on its website that contains useful information and frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the platform. Users can refer to this resource for guidance on common issues and topics.

Although there isn’t a live chat option on the IndoEx website, users can call or connect with the company directly using WhatsApp.

Overall, IndoEx offers a variety of support channels, making it simple for users to seek assistance when they need it.

IndoEx Reviews - What Do Customers Say About IndoEx?

Based on 77 customer reviews, IndoEx has a Trustpilot rating of 3.0 out of 5. Customers have complained about not being able to access their deposited funds, while others have praised the platform for its ease of use.

Final Thoughts: Is IndoEx Worth It?

Overall, IndoEx is a highly reputable cryptocurrency exchange that offers experienced traders a robust and user-friendly platform. IndoEx is an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy, sell, or trade digital assets due to its high trading volumes, diverse trading pairs, and low transaction fees.

While the platform may be intimidating for beginners and lacks some more advanced features like futures trading or trading bots, the user-friendly layout and extensive support options make it accessible to traders of all skill levels.

Furthermore, with its referral program and regular trading contests, IndoEx provides users with numerous opportunities to earn rewards and diversify their portfolios.

All in all, IndoEx is worth taking into account if you’re seeking a trustworthy and feature-rich platform, as well as one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges out there.


Is IndoEx exchange legit?

Yes, IndoEx is a legitimate crypto exchange that has been operating since 2019. It is accessible in over 150 countries and offers users the ability to trade over 400 cryptocurrencies.

What is the minimum deposit for IndoEx?

Our IndoEx review found that the minimum deposit for IndoEx varies depending on the currency being deposited. For instance, the minimum deposit for Bitcoin is 0.0009 BTC.

What are the fees for IndoEx exchange?

IndoEx exchange trading fees are competitive, with maker and taker fees set at 0.15%. While crypto deposits are free, fiat deposits at IndoEx are usually subject to a fee. Additionally, each currency has withdrawal fees, which are detailed on the IndoEx website.