SiGMA World Event Conduct Guidelines

At SiGMA World, we prioritise creating an inclusive and enjoyable environment for professionals in the gaming and emerging tech industries. Our events aim to facilitate networking, learning, and business in a respectful and inclusive setting. We believe that every participant, including attendees, speakers, staff, organisers, exhibitors, and volunteers, should experience a safe and welcoming event. To maintain this positive atmosphere, we’ve set forth a comprehensive Code of Conduct.

Core Principles:

In all forms of communication, including online interactions, we strive to maintain a professional and respectful atmosphere that is inclusive and welcoming to all individuals. We strongly condemn any form of inappropriate jokes, comments, or conduct that is discriminatory, sexist, racist, or exclusionary. Harassment of any kind is not accepted and will be promptly addressed.

Behavioural Expectations:

Harassment can include verbal comments, intimidation, threats, stalking, unwelcome photography or recording, and inappropriate physical contact. If participants are instructed by staff to cease any inappropriate conduct, they are required to do so promptly and unconditionally. At the discretion of the organisers, breaches of this code of conduct may result in a warning, limitations on participation in future events, immediate expulsion from the event, and/or prohibition from attending future events.

Reporting Procedures:

If you encounter any unsafe situations or observe any concerning behaviour, please report it promptly. The safety and well-being of all participants are our top priorities. By adhering to these guidelines, we aim to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone attending SiGMA World events. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.