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AIBC Toronto Closing Night

In its first-ever physical debut, AIBC’s Closing Night which will be held on the 8th of June guarantees an exhilarating entertainment experience at the Rebel Nightclub Toronto. Bringing wild, high-energy glamour to AIBC Americas, Rebel is the epitome of Toronto’s nightlife. This night guarantees a flurry of nonstop revelry, allowing all delegates to meet and mingle in a more relaxed setting. Experience an immersive lineup of live performances featuring an array of artists, bands, and DJs in this deluxe location bringing the event to a state-of-the-art closing.

Unite with the best and brightest in the emerging tech world in North America in an entertainment-filled experience while saying goodbye to Toronto in style. We can imagine no better place to host the rising stars of the Deep Tech ecosystem than in the splendour of Rebel Club’s main room. The VIP-style event is the perfect way to cap off three days of AIBC’s initiative to link the industry pioneers of the continent under one roof.

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The location chosen for this sterling night boasts 45,000 square feet of spectacular design combined with luxury. This complex, on the edge of Lake Ontario, assures a distinctive unforgettable evening. With spectacular breathtaking views of the city skyline, waterfront, and a towering 65-foot stage, a premium star-studded celebration like this is simply not one to be missed. This unique networking event connecting key decision-makers from America’s biggest tech companies promises to be the biggest and best edition of the most exciting show in the industry yet.

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Although the AIBC’s Closing Night has European roots, it is now unquestionably a global spectacle. Since 2018, AIBC’s highly anticipated closing night has boasted impressive lineups including the biggest names in music, performances by world-class artists, and top-tier entertainment. Over the years the much anticipated night has been graced by internationally recognised luminaries from Akon, who is placed among Forbes’ Celebrity 100, to one of Malta’s most prominent DJs, JJoy, who has been performing since 1997. AIBC’s stage performances have been breaking records one event at a time!