Yanislav Malahov

Yanislav Malahov, a veritable veteran of the game, is an expert innovator with more than a decade’s worth of experience in the fields of crypto and blockchain.
The “Godfather of Ethereum,” who has for a long time been considered a foremost blockchain expert and pioneer, has (co)created and launched seven wallets — including the premiere Dogecoin browser wallet. Envisaging powerful algorithms on blockchains since 2013, Yanislav has also facilitated the registration of what was most likely the world’s first company with crypto as base capital.
Over the past five years, Yanislav has been relentlessly spearheading blockchain space forward, working tirelessly on the æternity Blockchain — a more scalable smart contract platform with advanced built-in features, such as state channels for smart contracts, a human-readable naming system, built-in oracles, and a hugely efficient virtual machine — FATE. With the æternity Blockchain, Yanislav’s vision of facilitating fast transactions without forfeiting decentralization and rich functionality — is becoming a reality.
Additionally, Yanislav has founded Crypto Castle — a blockchain castle of the future that hosted a plethora of crypto events, including the first Crypto Castle Symposium. With the incoming hyperchain consensus close to coming to fruition, Yanislav continues to envision and design a superior way of scaling blockchains.