Warren Russel

For ten years, Warren Russell has been the founder and CEO of W2 Global Data. He currently continues to coordinate the development and design of the multi-level screening and monitoring solutions, oversee the sourcing, direction, and security of technology partners and resellers, and successfully bring other service improvements to market, and manage the team. senior management team to ensure direct sales channels are maximized, technical efficiency maintained and the overall day-to-day running of W2.

Since nearly four years, Warren has been the co-founder and co-chair of the Age Verification Providers Association. The Age Verification Providers Association is a non-profit commercial entity working alongside other reputable age verification providers, AVPA works to ensure transparency, parity and increase consumer confidence in age verification across various vertical markets, including adult, e-cigarettes, alcohol, games, knife sales, adhesives and corrosive sales.


William Russell is also Founder & CEO of AVYourself. AVyourself is a cutting edge platform specialising in anonymised age verification for retail markets including e:cigarettes, adult, knives, adhesives, acids, media, gaming and social media.The ability to verify the age of users in real time, via the widest range of methodologies currently available on the market places AVyourself at the forefront of the efforts to protect children and preserve public safety in an online world. Having worked closely with UK government (Digital Policy Alliance) in the creation of the Digital Economy Act AVyourself has built a strong reputation in the markets it serves.

Since four months, William is an Advisor at Emerging Fintech Forum. Providing strategic advice and guidance as part of the advisory board at the Emerging FinTech Forum (EFF). EFF is apart of Emerging Fintech, Inc. a USA based corporation established to support collaboration and to build state of the art partnerships and solutions. Supported by a global leadership team of industry experts focused on driving innovation and collaboration, the Emerging Fintech Forum was established to facilitate international business interactions

William also worked as a Business Development Manager at Intelligence Information Systems. He was a sales professional in anti-money laundering, anti-fraud, and customer/employee screening and monitoring solutions. In addition, he worked to generate new opportunities to deploy the C6 range of tools in financial, insurance, retail, legal, accounting and law enforcement organizations. William has experience in sourcing new business partners, coordinating joint ventures and identifying product improvements.

Regarding his academic background, William studied at Burlington, then at St Peters CofE and at Exeter College.