Vasja Zupan

Vasja Zupan is the President of Matrix. He guided the platform as it braced for takeoff, securing its license from the regulator and building up its initial portfolio. Now, Vasja taps his rich professional experience in a diverse set of areas ranging from blockchain and cryptocurrencies to operations and turnaround management to lead the company as it develops its stack of assets and services and expands into the larger Middle East and North Africa market.

From 1999 to 2010, Vasja worked at Central European Media Enterprises, the leading NASDAQ-listed CEE broadcaster, where he was the Joint Head of the Internet Division. During his time at CME, including a 3-year stint in Prague, Vasja was responsible for all non-broadcasting operations. Under his supervision, CME built a series of leading regional news and TV content-related mobile and online assets across Central and Eastern Europe by forming cross-cultural bridges to effectively promote cross-regional consolidation and collaboration in the group operations.

Based in Abu Dhabi, Matrix is a globally operated and regulated Multilateral Trading Facility and Custodian that is dedicated to providing a compliant, secure, and fast virtual asset trading experience. Matrix has obtained its license from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) in relation to Virtual Assets. Matrix provides AML/KYC compliance, regulatory oversight, and offline storage to secure the platform and users, as well as multi-node disaster tolerance, remote disaster recovery, and multi-server switching to ensure stability and reliability of the trading system. By leveraging its high-performance core matching engine, Matrix is able to undertake large volumes of trading orders. Matrix is one of the few global trading venues providing support for global fiat deposits, enabling faster trading.