Steve Murray

Dynamic and dedicated professional with the ability to adapt to changing marketing channels and growth platforms of cryptocurrency to understand the demands of blockchain technology solutions for business product design, technical, business outcomes, and efficiencies. With over 12 years of experience in delivering operational, e-commerce, and market-specific plans, ASO, SEO, China Marketing, startups, Bitcoin, blockchain development, web development, software development, cryptocurrency, NFT development, and gaming.

I am known for my ability to lead the ideation and creative direction strategies for the development of projects, whether it is application development or cryptocurrency gaming that would revolutionize the industry and break barriers. And Maintain a people-centric and encouraging environment for over 24 employees across Pakistan, US, China, and the UK.

I have Successfully led funding strategies and sourced Angel Investors across China, which led to raising USD 350K in the capital to establish and run the business and raised over USD 1M from Investors such as Bluebell Asia. And designed and launched the Zoji’s, which are NFT characters that sold for Ethereum, the number 2 cryptocurrency in the market to 500 community members, setting the foundation to sell the last 100 at 0.16 Ethereum, capitalized on the momentum selling NFT characters to the value of USD 800K.