Sigmund Holtz

Sigmund started his journey eight years traveling across Canada competitively public speaking while selling window cleaning services to make money. However, upon his discovery and quick rise on the social token platform Bitclout, Sigmund turned his outlook to cryptocurrency, NFTs, and web 3.0.

Fast forward and Sigmund is the CSO at International Blockchain Consulting Group. To date, Sigmund has led over 150 investment, marketing, and advisory deals with crypto, NFT, Defi, Fintech, and metaverse projects. He is also heavily involved in helping web 2.0 companies of any size integrate and find their niche in web 3.0. In addition to leading a team at IBC Group, Sigmund is also a Strategic Advisor at NFT Technologies which is one of the first publicly traded NFT companies and is listed under ticker NFT on a Toronto exchange. At NFT Technologies he works as a partnership lead and has worked closely to have NFT Technologies partner with upcoming Metaverses that are making waves in the space.

In 2022, Sigmund decided to combine his passion for public speaking and web 3.0 all while traveling to discuss the future of the space.