Shimon Newman

Shimon Newman has a Bachelor’s in International Political Economy and has worked as a token economist for the last four years.

Seeing each successful blockchain project as analogous to a successful state, Shimon brings his rich experience in game theory, incentive design, and distributed ledger technology towards any project he works on.

After founding several initiatives with his friend, and co-founder Samiar, Shimon worked with Samiar at an early-stage venture capital firm.

He had the opportunity to speak at the Ethereum Community Conference in 2020, which placed DeFi on his radar.

As Shimon and Samiar fell down the crypto rabbit hole, they realized that there were massive risks and inefficiencies in DeFi that were not being adequately addressed.

For this reason, they started Ratio Finance. He has co-authored several whitepapers and is an advisor for 10+ crypto-native projects.

Shimon has also contributed novel governance models for the Solana Foundation and ctive remains actively involved in token economic research and development.