Sergio Muscat

Sergio Muscat

Sergio Muscat is a 20-year veteran of the iGaming, Payments and Technology industries. His experience spans from project management to strategy, operations, and management advisory. He now focuses his efforts through Oxygia Consulting.

Sergio’s main goal is to assist companies in all stages of growth with that all-important “Swiss-army-knife” advisory. He is providing a sounding board to top management and support to all levels within the company when steering their organisations into the future. 

His vast interests transcend technology, and include digital art, a subject in which he holds a Masters Degree. It is this intersection of fields – between technology, art, business and more – that mostly interests and drives him. It is also the unique point of view garnered from such a fluidity of knowledge that allows Sergio to provide the strategic, operational, and human insight advisory. All of this, has made Oxygia the go-to reference point for its long-standing clients. 

The intersection of technology and art cannot be more evident than in the world of blockchain and NFTs. Over the past few years there, it has been a massive growth in the industry. Something which has fascinated Sergio and drove him to delve into the subject from a personal point of view as an artist, and from a business point of view, advising his clients on the benefits, risks, and solidity (or lack thereof) of the industry.

Over the past year, Sergio Muscat has assisted clients with the development of web3 platforms and written extensively about the industry on leading magazines. His “hopeful-sceptic” view is appreciated as a no-nonsense approach in an industry fogged by hype.  

It is this intersectionality, in both interests and viewpoints, that have made Sergio Muscat a well-respected advisor to his clients, allowing them to see things in often unconventional ways, while remaining focused on business growth. 


About Oxygia Consulting 

Set up in 2018, Oxygia is a boutique management consultancy specialising in strategic, operational, and human insight advisory. With several years of experience in project management, business analysis, operations, and payments amongst others, we are well placed to assist organisations of any size and industry to investigate, manage and adapt to the future. 

Any organisation, be it a single person, a start-up or established multinational, may face challenges from changing environments, the need to diversify, understand new markets and introduce just the right amount of structure to stay innovative while doing it efficiently. With just a little insight that can sometimes only come from an external point of view, it is much easier to face these challenges and anticipate future issues. 

We are here to challenge the status quo, help refocus on the big picture, ask the right questions, brainstorm and provide the support needed to all layers of the organisation, in order to navigate change and achieve their full potential.