Samir Ceric

Samir Ceric

Samir Ceric is a C-level executive in sports tech, former senior executive of finance, telecom, aviation and tech businesses, former Chairman of football club, investor and serial entrepreneur with 20+ years’ experience in Asia and the Balkans region; mentor, philanthropist, public speaker (inc London Business School TEDx), alumni member of George Soros Foundation, The Open  Society,  guest  lecturer  and  mental  health  campaigner  focused on blockchain technology and innovation in the fields of sport, finance, investment and creative industry; aiming to create more transparency and openings in these industries for high level investments.

Results-proven, growth-oriented and globally accomplished leader with repeated success in multiple industries and markets, expanding international footprint, building shareholder value, driving vision and achieving critical strategic goals. Successful M&A and restructuring track record.

Samir Ceric is the Chief Operating Officer of Blocksport AG. Blocksport is an innovative Technology provider providing solutions for the sports industry. The blockchain- focused Sports Tech was founded in 2019 in Zug, Switzerland.

Today, the company’s flagship product serves over 40 clients globally and among them top clubs like Empoli FC, FC Dynamo Kyiv, Partizan BC, Red Star RLC, Kaizer Chiefs FC, ARIS BC, FC OH Leuven, FC Metalist 1925 Kharkiv, Cordoba PCF, KMF Ekonomac, Partizan VK, Wild Boars American Football, to name a few.

Blocksport is designed to demonstrate how cutting edge technologies can assist sport clubs generate new revenue streams and help sports fans enjoy a better digital experience with their beloved clubs.

Many top-level teams and clubs are embracing blockchain-based solutions to ramp up engagement and monetize their ever-growing fan base. Implementing this innovation is critical to the survival of sports clubs and associations in an increasingly competitive space.

With the spurred growth of online events, alongside fans’ evolving habits, the challenge lies in consistently providing alluring digital game-day experiences whose ultimate goal is to: Boost attendance; Boost engagement; Build loyalty; Diversify offerings; Increase membership; Tap into international fan bases. Blockchain technology unlocks an exciting new frontier in the sports world.

From digital collectibles and fan tokens to fan voting — blockchain applications in sports are opening up untapped revenue streams and innovations. Blocksport, one of the world’s leading sports-tech providers, offers various blockchain-based solutions.

Teams and brands are leveraging their cutting-edge technology to get tailored solutions that deliver tangible business results time and again. The two blockchain technologies proving quite popular among tech-savvy sports fans are Digital Collectibles and Trading Cards which run on NFTs, meaning their uniqueness and authenticity can be verified using blockchain technology.

Teams and clubs can use NFTs to create digital game memorabilia, trading cards, and eSports gaming assets that their fan base can purchase and trade. Blocksport allows teams and clubs to leverage this same technology to build their limited-edition digital collectibles (trading cards, video clips, etc.) and even offer incentives to fans who collect all team players.

The Future Is Now: Generation Y and Z are the new faces of fandom. Understanding their needs and tailoring your brand for the digital realm presents new opportunities for engagement. It’s the key to making them feel more connected to your club and when fans are happy, it’s also a win for the team. Blockchain gives sports clubs and associations the chance to do just that.

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