Sam Katiela

Raised & educated in Germany, Sam Katiela is an Artist of Meaningful Stories, which he narrates through Physical Spaces (Pavilions & Public Architecture), Digital Art (3D Mapping & Interactive technologies), Installations (Sculptures & Designs) , Creative Performances (Shows), Motion Pictures (Documentaries & Films) and Strategic Content Development (Related to Complex Topics).

His unique & creative approach to developing strategic content effectively translates the client’s messaging through interactive technologies, smart experiences, branded content, different designs & shows that have been featured across the Middle East, Europe, and in the entertainment capitals of Los Angeles, New York & Las Vegas.

He also developed his own intellectual properties that focus on environmental & climate change issues. In addition, Sam is also internationally recognised for his sporting innovation, Beach Polo, which has earned numerous regional & international awards, including the Order of Merit of the HH Sheikh Mohammed bis Rashid Al Maktoum Creative Sports Award.

For his work, he was as well awarded the Middle East Event Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Middle East Events Industry. Mamemo is currently one of the most awarded creative live marketing agencies from the region.

He is Member of the Board of Directors at International Water Bank since two years. The International Water Bank “IWB” will play a significant role in the sustainable development of the water sector around the world at all levels and will be a global leader in its field. The IWB will be the 1st of it’s kind in the world targeting investing in key water projects while addressing global water stress issues and promoting better practices. The International Water Bank Mission is to reduce water stress, improve water security, quality and access across countries in need, through environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, while providing superior investor returns.


He is also Chairman of the Board, Partner at Crypto Valley Partners since almost four years. Crypto Valley Partners (CVP) is an advisory and investment company in the field of Blockchain Technology – specializing in strategies with little to zero correlation to any other asset.


He is currently Chief Executive Officer at Mamemo Consulting since two years and five months. It is a future-focused group of companies that provide public and private sector clients with ideas, communication strategies, services & solutions to respond to the modern challenges of global megatrends. Its teams of professionals are actively engaged in: Establishing connections with governmental & private organizations to create customized programs for impactful solutions, enhancing innovation to meet the challenges of upcoming megatrends and developing smart, innovative & sustainable marketing concepts.