Pekka Kelkka

Pekka Kelkka
Blockchain Business Consultant, OTC Crypto Trader and Digital Marketer
CEO, CBO, CDO, and Owner of True Advantage Consulting LTD.

Pekka established his first internet company 1994 providing solutions and services to e.g. IBM, HP, Oracle, Netscape, Nokia, Mc Donald’s, several Telecom Operators and Government Entities.

He is a seasoned business development professional having 25 years of experience in global markets. Last 12 years Pekka has lived and worked in and from the Middle East.

Pekka has developed state of art processes combining Blockchain Business Consultancy and Digital Marketing to plan and execute successful Blockchain business. He is also a public speaker educating audience to understand the great future Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies will bring to society.

Pekka offers tailored consultancy packages to companies to understand the Blockchain Business opportunities. The Blockchain consultancy is intended for C- and director level executives to understand if and how their business can benefit from Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.