Muhammad Ahsan Khan

Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Khan is the Blockchain Evangelist and Cryptocurrency Proponent, Investor, Innovator, and Generalist. Muhammad is the co-founder & CEO of MEASA Salaar Innovations Limited – a FinTech and Innovation startup licensed by DIFC. And Co-founder & Executive Director of MEASA Defi – an investment management and holding company based in Mauritius to bridge the gap between Ceci and Defi. Muhammad is also the Director of Abler Consulting – an independent compliance consulting company, Director of Abler Digital, a digital transformation startup, and Director of Abler Health, a telemedicine startup based in Mauritius, and Sole owner of Go4 Blockchain, a blockchain consultancy startup based out of Pakistan. He is also a member of the Blockchain Advisory Board of IIB Council and Board Advisory at the Department of Computing of Hamdard University.