Monty Munford

I’m an improving keynote speaker, panel moderator and conduct fireside chats with influential figures such as Steve Wozniak, John McAfee, Brock Pierce, Ghostface Killah etc at the world’s best tech events. I also consulted for Paramount Digital Entertainment in LA and Liverpool FC in the UK. I was also an actor and Bollywood villain in two big movies… I returned in 2010 working in new areas. Before that I spent 20 years travelling and doing stupid things for the thrill of it, but also seeing and experiencing the Wonders of The World and how it should be seen. I also run a Google News-verified blog Mob76 Outlook, that in November 2016 had monthly unique visitors of 110,000, it can be viewed at www.mob76outlook.com Specialties: Networking, emerging markets, hustling, technology, business development, deals, social, media, communication, luck, writing, content strategy.