Meike Krautscheid

Meike Krautscheid is an entrepreneur and a leading global specialist in blockchain-based use cases and business transformation. In her role as Chief Commercial Officer at SmartLedger, she is analyzing the problem areas of different industries and companies, highlighting how blockchain technology, as well as Smart and Ricardian Contracts help to solve these problems and lead to massively improved business efficiencies. Meike also inspires audiences as a speaker, putting on exciting workshops on these incredible technologies.
Originally Meike Krautscheid comes from the events industry, but several years ago, during her studies of business economics, she heard about blockchain technology at a startup event and instantly understood the incredible opportunities the tech is capable of. She was one of the first people in Germany to get involved with blockchain and is now making rounds at global blockchain and technology events and conferences.
Meike is one of the fabulous, fresh, female faces that professionals likely bump into at gaming and gambling industry events, like eSports Insider London and BOSE, and you could listen to her panels at iGaming NEXT and AIBC / SiGMA when she was sharing her knowledge about the opportunities in the gaming space.
Her company SmartLedger, is the world’s leading blockchain distribution channel and is offering an easy one-stop-shop-solution which provides custom-made turnkey services. With access to more than 250 patented or patent-pending blockchain innovations and diversified expert teams, consultancy and the implementation of tailored solutions are being offered across all sectors. SmartLedger’s team ensures customers enjoy the benefits of the blockchain ecosystem directly, with no prior investment to develop the know-how and maintain the necessary human or technical resources.
Some of the companies’ achievements are a decentralized casino, NFT / Play to Earn Games, a Voucher-System, Proof of ESG / (immutable proof of sustainability), TicketMint (a ticketing platform based on NFTs, connected with further technologies like AR/VR), Certihash (a cybersecurity platform), the tokenization of assets and much more.