Matthew Scerri

Matthew joined KPMG in 2014 to develop bespoke software for KPMG in Malta having already successfully delivered a number of projects in both the local and international markets. He now forms part of the Digital Software team where he leads a number of client facing projects across the whole software development lifecycle, together with his team of software engineers. Throughout his career he was involved in engagements across various industries including the Automotive, Fintech, Gaming, and Telco industries. Matthew is extremely passionate about the tech industry, particularly emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), with a keen interest in seeing how they can be applied to solve existing problems and make established practices function more efficiently. He is involved in a number of communities within the DLT space and regularly contributes material, as well as being regarded as the go-to person when seeking advice around the technical aspects and implications of DLTs, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies in general.