Matteo Gamberale

Born and raised in Tuscany, Italy, Matteo Gamberale left his homeland at the age of 19 to work in Casino Management across Europe and the Caribbean.

He started his entrepreneurship career at 22 with his first fashion-tech startup in New York.

After years in branding, technology, and marketing with over ten startups created between the United States and Italy, Matteo started dedicating his life to making an impact using decentralization as a tool to help less fortunate kids, animals, and the planet.

The first step was taken in 2020 when Matteo saw the need for a solution to the world’s youth uneducation and poverty problems.

To solve them, Matteo started the most important project of his entire career: a decentralized earning ecosystem for GenZ called ZAPPY that will launch in Q4 2022.

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