Marc Taverner

Marc Taverner is the Chief Operations Officer at XEROF, the Trusted & Transparent Swiss Crypto Gateway. Responsible for building the teams, systems, processes, and partnerships that drive XEROF’s success. Marc has been active in the global blockchain ecosystem for many years, working across 20 countries, and engaging with organizations from core cryptocurrency companies to governments and financial institutions, to large corporates and industry associations.

Prior to joining XEROF, he was the founding CEO of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (, the pre-eminent nonprofit organization
supporting the growth of DLT & blockchain technologies supported by the European Commission.

Marc become involved in crypto in 2014 when he was the Global Ambassador and head of Business Development for the Bitfury Group, one of Europe’s largest blockchain unicorns. Marc Taverner brings a unique set of experiences and perspectives gained from a career in start-ups and industry-leading companies.