Lukas Navickas

Lukas Navickas started investing in crypto in 2017. He is an early investor of DeFi summer in 2020, where he was analyzing & investing in Ethereum-based borrowing & lending protocols. In 2021, he noticed the need for a simple yield generation platform that automates all complex DeFi 2.0 opportunities. He came up with the idea to create Proteus Finance based on the Terra Ecosystem.

Proteus goal is to decentralize the banking industry and make it transparent. Proteus allows users to earn high yields, regardless of their experience with cryptocurrenciees. It simplifies the entire process of investing into complex DeFi protocols. Proteus has both a Centralized & Decentralized approach, allowing users to create wallets & connect to Metamask or Terra Station from the same app.

In 2022, together with Gabriele Pauliukaite, Lukas Navickas created a VC fund located in Switzerland called The goal is to revolutionize how advisory is provided in the crypto space and make the crypto investing & advisory services more transparent. The fund works with every incorporated startup day by day and makes sure that every startup has everything it needs to succeed.

Lukas Navickas co-founded a few startups before within the hotel management and gaming industries which were sold successfully (Condly). He worked in one of the biggest IT firms as a Software Developer, moving afterward to management as Scrum Master. He quickly switched to the IT Project Manager role a year after moving to Switzerland.

Lukas speaks multiple languages, including French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Lithuanian. Finally, Lukas enjoys traveling to different crypto-related conferences and speaking about DeFi and Real Estate tokenization.