Louis Bellet

Louis Bellet is a software architect and serial entrepreneur in the fintech, crypto & blockchain spaces. For the past ten years, he has been hands-on in the crypto industry, founding Openware, the world’s leading crypto exchange software provider.

Now, with Yellow, Louis Belletplans to solve the problem of fragmented liquidity and make Blockchain more accessible and secure for the public.

Yellow, a blockchain product and infrastructure company, aims at building Web3 Internet of Finance, solving the problem of fragmented liquidity across hundreds of Layer-1/2 networks and exchanges. 

Yellow Network is a Layer-3 high-frequency P2P Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Network powered by state channels technology, dedicated to interconnecting, aggregating, and trading crypto assets across any existing blockchain. 

Yellow connects exchanges and market makers through a clearing house layer, creating a new fintech industry participant called retail brokers. It is a sophisticated communication system between exchanges, brokers, and trading firms, designed to ensure truly decentralized trading. The network is powered by a $YELLOW token, the native currency for clearing fees. 

The mission of Yellow Network is to apply traditional finance best practices to worldwide cryptocurrency transactions between financial institutions, crypto exchange brokerages, and traders, to introduce ultra-high-speed trading, and restore relations with regulators on a decentralized infrastructure.