Lazaros Penteridis

Lazaros Penteridis is the Co-Founder/CEO at ComeTogether – NFTs with utilities, both physical and digital. NFT ticketing, collectibles, memberships.

Lazaros has 8 years bringing new tech to markets. Also, blockchain ticketing and NFTs since 2018.

He is former cloud robotics software engineer. I addition, Lazaros is MEng Electrical and Computer Engineering.

About ComeTogether

ComeTogether enables organizations from music, sports, live events, the arts and anyone with a fanbase or a community to offer NFTs with utility to their fans or members.

Unlock new revenues and increase fan engagement with NFT ticketing, fan club memberships and collectibles.

ComeTogether’s NFT ticketing solution launched in October 2019 and has provided ticketing to more than 80 live events despite the pandemic and lockdowns.

During 2021 ComeTogether repositioned its offering as a broader provider of NFTs with utility, of which NFT ticketing is one category, but there are other use cases as well, such as NFT fan club memberships and any other collectible that has utility.

Clients include the largest music event organizer and one of the most popular rap labels in Greece.

We have also recently entered the UAE market where we are piloting NFT ticketing with sports organizations.

Finally, we are working as technology providers as well as on strategic product partnerships, with creators of some of the most popular NFT projects in the world, including one of the top 50 NFT projects of all time, summing up to more than $100M in volume traded.

In addition to our existing clients, we have a world-class distribution network in the Sports and Music industries:

– Acceleration with Qatar SportsTech, supporting major international sports events in Qatar such as the World Cup

– Incubation with Orfium, a global leader in music intellectual property software, with more than 70% global market share.

– Business development partners:

a) Sportive Ways, a premium sports agency, whose customers include the top sports properties in the world,

b) evenTokens, introducing our services to the Brazilian market.

– Acceleration with the Visa Innovation Program