Lawrence Ong

Lawrence is currently the Head of Special Projects at MELD, a DeFi, crypto-fiat lending protocol presently valued at $500 million, where he manages Operations, Exchange Listings and Investor Relations. He is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, working predominantly in Europe.

Previous to MELD, Lawrence gained a wide breadth of experience, ranging from Marketing, Finance, Venture Capital, Business Strategy, Partnerships and Operations. Alongside this, he spent 12 months as a Personal Finance and Productivity influencer amassing 2+ million likes and 42,000 followers on social media. In May, he will deliver a TEDx Talk, educating young people on the importance of financial literacy.

MELD is the first DeFi, non-custodial banking protocol, having recently launched in January 2022. Users will be able to securely lend and borrow both crypto and fiat currencies with ease in a decentralized manner on the Cardano blockchain. The MELD protocol aims to give the financial tools of the top 0.1% to everyone across the globe.